Mr. DaTechGuy goes to CPAC part 5

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Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 if you missed them:

By the time I had got back to the main area I had managed to miss John Bolton but managed to see Ann Coulter. She is what you would call a real pip. Not shy about saying what she thinks and even less shy about going after liberals. It was a lot of fun to see what she was saying

Newt Followed up with a speech that was Very Catholic (and a presentation later in the day on Pope John Paul II and the Cold war that was even better).

I was starting to get a bit hungry and restless, the only internal party I had attended was the Smart Girl Politics reception (although I popped in and out of the Allen West Party) where I had the honor to meet the reader who put me over the top.

There was no way I was paying Hotel prices for food so I walked down toward McDonalds and found a line stretching out the door. The manager had said yesterday they were flat out but now they were REALLY flat out.

There was a small greek/meditarian place next to it. Jeff Quinton had mentioned they had a good burger and a Scott Brown special for CPAC. I figured the that was a good plan so I ordered the Scott Brown special.

I was a little confused when another person asked me what I wanted after I had already ordered, I was even more confused when the first lady brought over some kind of drink. It was then that I looked at the special board, apparently the “Scott Brown” was Godiva chocolate liqueur with vodka etc.

Now I’m a very frugal man I had paid for that drink, but it certainly wasn’t the fault of the girl that I didn’t read the board and I wasn’t going to throw the thing away without at least tasting it.

So I waited for the food, and skimmed the drink. Didn’t really care for it and when I left 90% of the drink was still sitting there.

When I got back I had missed Col West’s talk (a shame because he is REALLY good) but was back and ready when it came time for the straw poll results. Before the result I was ticked pink to hear from a young lady named Shana Jean Kluck that the Morning Joe people knew the blog and felt they were treated fairly by me. That statement was the second of the three great pleasures of CPAC.

I actually wasn’t all that surprised with the result. There was a lot of overlap in the selection and the Ron Paul people are were pretty much united. Scott Brown’s election helped Mitt’s vote a bit as well.

The Big event was of course Glenn Beck. Les Phillips came down and sat in the Bloggers Room between Barbara and me. I’m not a big Beck fan (although he is an excellent speech maker) so I spent my time coming and going and taking pictures of people outside the hall. Everybody watching the speech and was spellbound. I must have come and gone half a dozen times.

I noticed that suddenly security was a lot tighter, didn’t realize until later that it was because of Code Pink trying to pull a stunt and bloggers spotting it before it could be done. If only the rest of the party was so vigilant.

When the speech was over people started writing their essays and bodies started leaving. I found myself back at the Bar area where I began, talking and visiting since I didn’t know when I would see these people that I had grown so found of again.

Phillip Berg was still floating around passing out his sheets and being ignored. One of the myths of CPAC that the left holds is that it is full of a bunch of crazies. I noticed that nobody was giving Mr. Berg the time of day. When you went downstairs to the exhibitors area the impressive John Birch society display was also void of actual people wanting to talk to them.

At the bar people talked and visited, Stacy was heading off to the Reagan Pallozza but I wasn’t up to it. I ran into Miss Attila again and we talked for another hour before she left with the Bank of Kev crowd for dinner. She was the third great pleasure of CPAC and I was really sorry to see her go.

From that point I waited, I had an early flight out, Smitty had already headed home and Stacy was supposed to come back with my soft fedora. 10 became 11 and 11 became 12, by 12:30 it was just too late to wait any more. I said my goodbyes to those who were left and took the metro back. Smitty grabbed me at the station and I began packing for the morning.

Just before the plane left I gave Stacy a ring, he got in at 5 a.m. and was not going to be available. I said my goodbyes to Smitty and headed for check-in at Reagan one Fedora shy, but with a bunch of great memories, photos and people that went with me.

Life is very good!

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