There is nothing that supports a story or claim like…

Posted: March 22, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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…a person willing to put their name to it:

My son had told me the goings on of this center and I found it disturbing that gang activity was condoned and drinking and smoking weed. My son told me the influence was every where and the staff (even security employees) did nothing to stop it.

It’s stories like this that convince me that my friend Andrea is doing God’s work over at the Job Corps Fraud Blog. If you have a story like this you should contact her.

  1. townie says:

    Here’s an investigative project for you, tech guy:

    There’s a JobCorps office right on Main Street in Fitchburg. It’s vacant. There’s never anyone there, and they keep no hours. (It’s supposedly connected to the Shriver JobCorps Center in Devens, where your friend exposed mismanagement.) For a couple years at least the Fitchburg office had nothing but a dusty display in the window and a taped up sign to call the Devens place for information. A couple months ago somebody obviously came by and changed the display, but it’s still a vacant office.

    How much are the taxpayers paying every month to rent that vacant downtown office? Find out who the building owner is, and ask them if JobCorps pays rent. That’s public money flushed right down the drain. Perhaps they occasionally need to meet people downtown; if so, they can use a room in the public library or the senior center; you don’t pay full rent on a vacant office if you only need it for one day a month. (Well, if you’re using other people’s money I suppose you do.)