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…a person willing to put their name to it:

My son had told me the goings on of this center and I found it disturbing that gang activity was condoned and drinking and smoking weed. My son told me the influence was every where and the staff (even security employees) did nothing to stop it.

It’s stories like this that convince me that my friend Andrea is doing God’s work over at the Job Corps Fraud Blog. If you have a story like this you should contact her.

I’ve been saying this for a bit so it is a real ego boost (via glenn) to see a person of Hanson’s stature say the same:

Do Democrats realize that we really have crossed the Rubicon? In the future when the Republicans gain majorities (and they will), the liberal modus operandi will be the model—bare 51% majorities, reconciliation, the nuclear option, talk of deem and pass, not a single Democrat vote—all ends justifying the means in order to radically restructure vast swaths of American economic and social life. Is someone unhinged at the DNC? They just blew up any shred of bipartisan consensus when their President polls below 50%, the Democratically-controlled Congress below 20%, and health care reform less than 50%. Usually unpopular leaders and their unpopular ideas seek the shelter of minority rights and prerogatives. What will they do when they are in the minority—since they’ve entered the arena, boasted “let the games begin” and shouted “by any means necessary”?

Oh and I guess I owe Christiana Bellantoni a gift card, if she would like to contact me I’ll get it purchased.

…but I dropped a line last night to Dan Benishek suggesting that now that he is getting some notoriety he may want to keep up the momentum by perhaps hiring a gentlemen in a Fedora to come out there and blog and cover his attempt to defeat Stupak. It would be quite interesting to see what people in his district say.

I’ll let you know what he says. My taxes should be done later today and my wife’s birthday has passed so the only bump is my Anniversary on the 9th of next month. So lets see what happens.

…I just wrote that elections have consequences, but Joe just correctly said that votes have consequences too.

Oh an you parents who couldn’t wait to see your kids move out, age 26 baby.

6:08 a.m. Joe: “You wonder if he thinks Americans are stupid.” I don’t wonder if he thinks that at all.

6:09 a.m. Republicans have to be careful? what is Halperin drinking?

6:11 a.m. “A loss on this bill would have been a vote of no confidence for Barack Obama.” You want to see a vote of no confidence? Wait till November. Look at Mika’s face when she says it is a victory, a word beginning with “O” comes to mind and she is going to likely be the most restrained on the air.

6:14 a.m. Scarborough and Pat are right that Stupak and his 6 will get the majority of the wrath. The far left in the Democratic party will not be sorry to see even “phony” pro-life people be gone.

6:15 a.m. Another “making sausage” cartoon by someone who has never seen Mike Romano make his.

6:23 a.m. “Happy Monday” says Mike Allen of politico, and he isn’t just giving a greeting, no bias here.

6:25 a.m. “They have something to run on.” Boy Allen must have been drinking something strong.

6:33 a.m. Apparently the days of Tea Party protests are not as significant as the immigration protests.

6:50 a.m. O’Donnell will be interesting to hear today.

7:09 a.m. Take a look at Lesley Stahl’s face, it’s all about the O.

7:11 a.m. Joe says democrats will pay in the fall, Stahl insists they don’t know that, this person is a professional political reporter?

7:14 a.m. Harold is trying to re-write this history of 1994.

7:24 a.m. I can’t tell if there is a tax increase in it says Lesley Stahl. Remember this is a professional reporter with years of experience behind her.

7:25 a.m. My wife who hates politics has talked about nothing else this morning. Pay attention democrats; You have awakened a sleeping giant and filled it with a terrible resolve.

7:31 a.m. Halperin says this allows the democrats to be a “pro-life” party. This is a joke and Chuck Todd is drinking the kool-aid.

7:34 a.m. I’m sorry to be vulgar but looking at Mr. Gregory this morning it is all about the O for him too. It’s a good thing he isn’t in the studio.

7:36 a.m. This was supposed to be skillful? Oh come on!

7:39 a.m. Sam Stein calls Stupak being called a name on the floor being worse for the Republicans. He must have partied very late last night.

7:45 a.m. The Majority Whip says this is a fundamental right, Pat asks him about illegal immigrants being covered. Clyburn says this is better for the country.

7:52 a.m. Stahl compares President Obama to Reagan. This is again supposed to be an experienced political reporter.

8:04 a.m. Cornyn says the deals won’t survive the reconciliation process. Points out the president will be happy but the House won’t.

8:05 a.m. “Because they were legislating against the polling public.” Lawrence O’Donnell is exactly right.

8:06 a.m. Cornyn: “Pelosi got people to vote against their own self interest.”

8:09 a.m. Joe asks Hunt if the Democrats feel better, he answers that it is easier to defend something than the status quo.

8:11 a.m. Mike talks about the media narrative changing. It is true statement, but look at her face, that is the story, it gives the media a reason to feel good about Barack Obama and that’s what the bill was all about.

8:13 a.m. O’Donnell points out the tax increases aren’t indexed so inflation will take many of the middle class into those tax increases. O’Donnell must think this is REALLY bad for democrats politically for him to be saying this stuff out loud.

8:26 a.m. Mike from Politico: “This assures that his (Stupak’s) Phantom concerns remain phantom.” The point about some of the Stupak people being in safer districts is an important one, the question becomes as a Catholic has he put himself in a “safer” place?

8:41 a.m. Russett: ” I’m glad that I don’t have to talk about this in my district. ” This was all about fishbating the vote.

8:44 a.m. This is all like the “civil” rights movement? This is the whole lesser sons of greater father bit.

8:46 a.m. The history professor says this is in the same moral universe as the voting rights act and this is a history professor I’ve gotta make sure I find what college he teaches at so my kids can avoid it.

8:48 a.m. O’Donnell confuses healthcare coverage with healthcare delivery. Joe calls it a “False moral argument.”

8:51 a.m. Joe: “The democratic party wants to take over healthcare.”

9:00 a.m. They are guessing on a lot of this says Lawrence as it ends.