Meet some of the exhibitors at the Catholic Men’s conference

Posted: March 22, 2010 by datechguy in catholic, local stuff, short films/interviews
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In addition to the people there quite a few exhibitors attended the men’s conference.

Adopt a Student helps people pay for Catholic education.

I should make it plain you don’t have to be Catholic to get that aid

Lighthouse Catholic Media Offers CD’s from great Catholic speakers to help evangelize the faith.

I have a few of these CD’s myself, they are first rate and will tell you a lot more about the actual Catholic Faith as opposed to what people say it is.

If your interest is more political then you might want to check out Catholic Citizenship

Would that Bart Stupak did.

Thomas Moore liberal Arts College in Southern NH had a booth:

Magdalen College also attended but didn’t go on Camera with us. Strangely enough The College of the Holy Cross, Assumption College and Anna Maria college, all in Worcester had no presence at all. You would think colleges in Worcester that proclaim themselves Catholic would bother to show up. Feel free to contact them and ask why.

A Vatican representative from Rome attended promoting pilgrimages to holy places. Journey of the Spirit is the web site.

This is exactly the type of woman (a faithful Italian) that my mother urged each one of her sons to marry. Alas for mom none of us did.

As a member of the Knights of Columbus I would be derelict in my duty to not give my group a plug:

There were actually three Knights booth there. I actually joined the Knights at the Men’s conference last year.

Finally you likely have heard of ETWN but you might not have heard of Catholic TV. If you haven’t Bonnie Rogers solves that problem.

And beyond that there was a dizzying array of devotional books available from many different vendors.

  1. Ohh… more bloggy video fun!

    I know that it was Assumption’s Spring Break, but am sort of wondering why they didn’t show up. From what I saw from spending the day on campus, it seems to actually take its faith somewhat seriously (there’s a crucifix in every classroom, lobby, and in the school cafeteria; on a more substantial note, their student groups are heavily focused on the Church and its ministry). I’m sure that the same cannot be said of BC, but am not sure about Holy Cross.

    This isn’t meant to be an excuse, but it’s quite possible that the local colleges were either unaware of the conference, did not know what they could get out of it (as opposed to their own local student groups and parishes), or did not know that they had something to contribute.

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