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If you are sick of watching the Pseudo Catholics on capital decide to re-define “intrinsic evil” here are a few of the real things as they waited to enter the 10th annual Worcester Diocesan Catholic Men’s conference yesterday (March 20th 2010).

I should point out that although it is not apparent from the interview, I’ve known Hugh for a year and we are part of the same Knights of Columbus counsel.

Finally we have Mike Sullivan for Catholic’s United for the faith. This is NOT the Soros group that co-oped part of the name to disguise themselves.

There’s nothing like the real thing!

Q: What does the homosexual lobby and Bart Stupak have in common?

The idea that Stupak is going to get what he expects from the Obama administration and that said order will not be modified or trashed is really foolish. Ask the gay lobby how loyal this president is.

Stupak apparently never remembered the words of Jim Geraghty: All Barack Obama Statements Come With an Expiration Date… ALL of them.

What does this mean? Well here are some predictions:

Watch Nancy Pelosi release several “Fishbait” democrats to make this vote closer. She will also release at least one “Pro Abortion” congressman on the other side for appearance sake.

The only story on the networks tomorrow will be the brilliant victory of the president. This more than anything else was the goal of pushing this.

One of the biggest reasons for Scott Brown’s victory was the desire to stop this healthcare bill. This vote may change the math in Massachusetts even further. It is a middle finger to the voters of the state.

Will this convince Anh Cao to flip as well? Could be.

The very fact that this pseudo deal was advanced suggests that the worm is turning on the Abortion issue and in a few decades the pro life side is going to win the demographic and the political battle.

Unless the liberal base understands that the president is lying through his teeth to Stupak this is going to infuriate them.

The republicans are not only going to win the house this year, I would not be surprised to see them win the Senate too.

…finally I’m sorry to depress everyone but let me make something perfectly clear…

This will not be repealed. Not after the 2010 election nor after a republican victory in 2012. This is not going to be done. It had to be stopped now.

Update: Saw the text of the order. I may have to revise my opinion of Stupak from stupid to dishonest.

Update 2: I didn’t see this post at gateway before, yup this is certainly damning, in more than one way.

Here is the video, Catholic my ***

What part of “intrinsic evil” do you not understand?

Update 3: Bart Stupak’s opponent Dan Benishek has been given the political gift of his life and I suspect will have the best fund-raising day he will ever see today.

Update 4: It goes without saying that as Christians we are obliged to pray for Bart Stupak, we aren’t obliged to vote for him but this is part of the job description of Christianity.

Just back from a walk…

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Did 2 miles with the wife and then sat in the car talking for a half hour.

You know what the world didn’t end while I was gone. The speaker may do something nasty today or we may stop her but I’m not going to let it spoil my day.

…there is always this post about a movie called the Runaways.

It’s rock and roll: they tore each other apart. For a time. (There are exceptions: see Ford, Lita, whose beauty was more conventional that that of the front girls. And her music? Much less, thank you very much.)

I envy Joy right now, my favorite distraction is unavailable for another two weeks.

If you need to walk away from the healthcare vote for a bit a movie isn’t a bad idea.