Ok folks we have possible way to identify “Fishbait” democrats…

Posted: March 21, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news

This link on Glenn’s site gives us a heads up:

He suggested it would be a mistake for Democratic no votes to linger on the House floor.

The tactics of House leaders during what is billed as a 15-minute vote are important. It is likely that some firm no votes on the Democratic side will vote right away while others, at the request of House leaders, will wait to register their no until the tally reaches the magic number of 216. Once it does, politically vulnerable Democrats will likely cast their no votes.

So here is the clue for us, democrats who vote and leave at once can be assumed to be actually against the bill. Democrats who hang around can be assumed to be “Fishbait” democrats who are only voting no because they know the bill is going to pass.

It is my opinion that “Fishbait” democrats should be run out of congress on a rail.

(“Fishbait” is explained here)

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