You all know I simply enjoy Jay Nordlinger…

Posted: March 18, 2010 by datechguy in oddities, opinion/news
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…and I recommend his impromptus column in the same way as Hemingway recommended C. S. Forester…”to every literate I know“.

Today I have a bone to pick with him. He says something very true about the obamacare bill going through congress:

I am not a liberal Democrat, and you may not be, either. But if we were: Don’t you think we’d be embarrassed at the way Pelosi et al. are going about getting “Obamacare” through? The parliamentary maneuvering, the skullduggery? Especially after Obama and the party at large promised openness, transparency, orderliness, and so on? The Democrats’ legislation would mark a major change in the way we operate in this country. Don’t you think the legislation should be handled with honesty and dignity? Don’t you think that most of the country, or at least a good deal of it, should have a feeling of pride and satisfaction about the process?

Very true and well put but then he hits a pet peeve of mine…

Yes, yes, I know all about “sausage and legislation”

As I wrote to Jay today:

If more laws were made like his (Romano’s) sausages the country would be in fine shape.

When I see that quote in the future I’ll be dropping a small line along with the link to my post on the subject. I hope I have better luck than Tim Blair and the plastic Turkey stuff.

Update: Jay acknowledges Romano.

  1. Once again and I’ve pointed it out many, manay , many times before this process shouldn’t have taken over a year to do. The liberals and democrats in both houses debated with republicans for months, or met in committee and submitted bills, all spring & summer long last year while they both had super majorities in each house.

    Then after incorporating over 250 republican amendments to the bills and in return getting ZERO republican votes, what else would you expect them to do?

    I don’t have the time or the patience for any more wasted time. Had the republicans gotten more involved, realized that they have no say and rather than help make a bill beneficial for all, they chose instead to delay, continuously halt legislation, and complain about not being part of the process. All this when they themselves went on every news show on tv and on the steps of congress with television cameras around complaining that their agenda wasn’t being listened to.

    Just think, if only one or two republicans would have broken ranks and gotten more involved to make a better bill, there wouldn’t have been the need for those special deals for Nebraska & Louisiana.

    But then again, they have no plan and will do anything to create more republican talking points for the next election cycle which was their goal in the first place.

    Try and prove it to me otherwise.

  2. What are the democrats at fault of exactly? They’ve taken ownership of this bill and have done more for health care reform in the last year than any republican controlled congress has done in the past. They (R) had plenty of chances in the past to do something, anything regarding national health care and they chose not to.

  3. The nephew says:

    Action now by the democrats prevents future inaction of the republicans. They will be forced into either improving said law or repealing it.

    I don’t hear democrats squealing about the republicans, not anymore at least. The only complaining I hear are the tea partiy protesters and republicans in congress who’d rather pout in the corner like a child than be part of the process and improve the bill.

    Lets just see what happens when the House votes approval of this amended Senate bill and then it goes back to the Senate for their process.