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The field guide returns with Chris “Smitty” Smith of The Other McCain:

It is impossible to meet Smitty or spend any length of time with him without realizing that he is a gentleman of the first order and a pleasure to be with.

Spent the night working on my taxes and at a hospitality meeting for my church.

Meanwhile in at a blog near you see see the following:

Camp of the Saints celebrates St. Patrick’s day by bringing on Rule 5 a few days early as he puts it “Erin go braless”.

How is it that visiting the camp of the saints tend to make a person want to sin?

Over at the DaHospitalityGuy’s place he talks on a much more serious note about anti-depressants and unemployment:

Am I depressed? Of course I am. Naturally who wouldn’t be? I’m without a job. I’m without my family. I miss reading to my daughter. I miss playing with my son. I miss giving hugs and kisses and hearing them say I love you daddy.

Do I need a pill to take those feelings away? No. I want to miss my children. I want to care. I have a purpose. I don’t want a pill to cover that up and make me feel artificially better.

I know things have been hard for me but If you have some prayers to offer, I’d send them his way first.

Meanwhile at Haemet the charming Roxeanne (yet another example of 20/40) reminds of that we conservatives have been declared defeated many times before:

In the fifteen months since the Left declared us to be a waning political group and a thing of the past, we’ve seen:

* The popularity of conservatism eclipse that of liberalism;
* “Swing state” Virginia elect a hard-core conservative a twenty-point margin;
* New Jersey elect a conservative governor;
* Prius-driving Bostonians go crazy over Scott Brown, who campaigned on the promise of stopping the liberals in DC; and
* Barack Obama’s approval ratings drop to the lowest point of any sitting President at this time in an administration.

Running score: Leftists, 0; conservatives, 1.

Have of the battle is the willingness to keep fighting.

…you are doing yourself and your country a real service.

Dennis Kucinich has stood fast and strong for the public option. He maintained on TV just one week ago that this bill was a giveaway to the insurance companies and that he would fight for a robust public option.

There is nothing like a pol willing to defy party and president in order to stand up for what he knows is right

oh nevermind.

“I know I have to make a decision, not on the bill as I would like to see, it but on the bill as it is,” the longtime congressman said in a 30-minute press conference on Capitol Hill where he detailed his vote change. “I have doubts about this bill,” he said. “…This is not the bill I wanted to support.”

“However, after careful discussions with President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, my wife Elizabeth and close friends, I have decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation,” he said.

How about that? From Hotair:

Blue Dog moderates who already don’t want to be linked to Nancy Pelosi in upcoming midterms may find being linked to Kucinich even less palatable. We’ll see. In this case, the real test may not be Kucinich’s switch but who will be the first to follow him.

Michelle Malkin:

Selling out his progressive principles is worth the 15 minutes of fame.

Plus, ooh, la, lah, President Obama showered with him attention. Kucinich revealed that he met four times(!) with the cajoler-in-chief — the last time on Air Force One.

Contest time: What else did Congress’s favorite UFO/alien-spotter get in return for his vote?

The Other McCain keeps his eyes on the…prize?

This just in – Dennis Kucinich’s wife is still hot. You got to give the guy credit for that, eh?

Meanwhile, CNN reports “no” votes from five other Democrats whose wives aren’t nearly as hot as Elizabeth Kucinich.

Liberal Vales asks a relevant question:

One question is whether Kucinich is changing his votes due to receiving major concessions, or if this is an example of the type of pressure being placed on Democratic Congressmen to support passage of the bill.

Has everybody forgotten that the bill in question is the senate bill? There ARE no concessions to offer yet. The bill being offered is the unamended senate bill and a vote for that bill means neither the White House nor the Democratic Leadership have to deliver on any concession. And if reconciliation on this matter loses in the court and the president ends up with the senate bill. Oh Well!

Finally Firedoglake gives the bottom line:

If on the other hand he settles for some worthless reassurances that “Obama will work toward it in the future” (which nobody but Lynn Woolsey is dumb enough to actually believe), or a meaningless symbolic vote that achieves little more than 15 minutes of futile grandstanding, good luck to him. A thousand people have donated over $16,000 to Dennis since yesterday to thank him for standing up for what he believes in. We’ll be asking him to return it.

I still think this is going down.

Update: Forget last week Bill Jacobson reports that Bold Sir Dennis excoriated Obamacare in an op ed just two days ago.

Had a very good time at the Conservative Forum of the Commonwealth Meetup event last night. Met some dedicated conservatives from various parts of central Massachusetts and shared video from both CPAC and yesterday’s Tea Party protests on Main Street.

We talked about the Scott Brown race, the real impact of the average folk at CPAC and the obamacare bill. It was a very pleasant time and I look forward to the March 29th event that will be taking place at the Border Grille and Bar. (You know me any excuse to go to the Border is a good one for me!)

Of course me being me things would not be normal if I didn’t take some video and ask questions of those willing who attended.

I was not the only speaker, Dale Brown who is running as an independent in the 5th district (vs Niki Tsongas) was there and gave me a few minutes.

His health care plan is here. Brown maintains that it is likely that a republican in that seat rather than an independent would likely go back to business as usual. He stated that if elected he would caucus with Republicans for organizational purposes but would not be beholden to them in terms of fiscal responsibility

My final interview was with Charlie…

Being the modest man I am (hope you weren’t drinking when you read that) I got myself crossed up a bit after Charlie’s kind praise..

It was a very worthwhile evening, although two conflicting events (Glenn Beck film in Worcester and Republican party meeting in Leominster) affected turnout. I look forward to seeing them and you at the Border on the 29th.