The “Courage” argument is so bogus…

Posted: March 16, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…the motivation for passing this bill right now is all about saving the political bacon of this administration. It has nothing to the bill and if it is good or bad.

If it was about courage then you wouldn’t need to play the Slaughter business to try to get through this.

A white house with courage. A white house sure of itself would be brave enough to let this go and put the priority on the economy where it belongs.

It’s all false.

Update: DaScienceGuy puts it well:

With or without the deals we need a vote and then let the politicians STAND ON THEIR VOTE! If you vote for it and fear that may cost you your seat in the next election then at least be a grown up. Stand up, on the floor and vote Yes or No.


  1. True and then some.

    There have been good measures that have been popular and unpopular, and bad laws that have had public support and public opposition. Let’s not pretend that opposition alone somehow justifies this bill.

    Furthermore, if this bill were really good for America and something that future generations would thank us for, a Senator or Congressman would want his vote to be counted. John Hancock did not hide his signature, as he believed that he was on the side of justice and freedom. This business of the “Slaughter Rule” is nothing more than a sign that these people do not want their names associated with it – that years from now, they will not run on the platform of having stood up to Tea Partiers, Sarah Palin, and angry American voters; they want to get away from the political equivalent of a SuperFund site.