Deeper meaning my …

Posted: March 15, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, oddities
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I finally saw the video that shocked the Huffpo and somehow failed to discover the “deeper meaning” within.

There was a time when stuff like this was considered cutting edge and shocking, I found it boring and predictable.

Is it just me or is this Gaga woman one of the most unattractive women there is? She has the Nancy Pelosi botox look decades too early. 20/40? I don’t think she could make 3/5.

The sad thing is the song is actually not bad but the movie seems a cheap cross between Chained Heat and Thelma and Louise. I think the song was kinda an afterthought, but it will likely end up printing money for the all involved which is the object of the exercise.

A member of the 20/40 club with a much better taste in hats than Gaga disagrees. Although I share the love of diners I don’t know if “art” is the word for it, but that’s a matter for the eyes that see it.

Update: I do confess I have no experience and can tell you nothing about waiting by the phone for the guy to call. I can tell you a lot about making the call after the first date and being brushed off. I wouldn’t describe it as rage but writing about it years later it does bring back unpleasant memories.

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