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My review of the 4th book in the Ethan Gage series The Barbary Pirates by William Dietriclh from the Amazon vine program is available at here.

If you look in the dictionary for an example of the expression “Too much of a good thing”, this title will be there.

Speaking of Nice Deb…

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based on this her husband must be a riot.

If I make it to CPAC next year I hope she brings him along.

Our interview with her is here.

As Stacy McCain reminds us.

The Doc’s op ed is worth a read, as is his website and the post in question.

I tend to like people and try to make friends, but a truism in life is you can tell if you are making a difference by the enemies you make. Dr. Wolf must be making a difference.

Don’t feel bad doc, Cousin Barack doesn’t have Aunt Zeituni over the house either.

…on the NYT best seller list?

Whenever the NY Times places a “dagger” symbol next to a book, it signifies that “some bookstores report[ed] receiving bulk orders” for the book.

The NY Times placed not just one, but two, daggers next to Romney’s book. You can draw your own conclusion as to who it was that purchased Governor Romney’s book in bulk.

By contrast, the NY Times failed to place the “dagger” symbol next to Governor Palin’s book in any of the weeks she held the top position on the NY Times best-seller list among non-fiction hardcover books. Despite the left’s unsubstantiated theories, bookstores did not report to the NY Times that they received bulk orders for Going Rogue. See week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, and week 6. As you can see, in none of these weeks is there a dagger symbol next to her book

I have NEVER heard anyone speak of Mitt Romney with anything resembling excitement and I live in Massachusetts.

BTW it is worth noting that Sarah Palin’s book is STILL on the list (at 34) after 17 weeks.

I take exception to Marc Armbinder’s comparison of Romney to Roger Maris. It is unfair to Maris who actually was able to hit his 61 under normal game conditions and won 3 World Series. Maybe it would be fairer to compare it to McGwire or Barry Bonds instead.

This is amateur night stuff, and this guy wants to be president? The blowback on this is going to be much worse that the positive press he got when the debut first was reported. Bad form Governor, bad form.

Anyone care to make book on how long it takes Romney to fall off?

Update: It is worth noting that Sarah Palin’s book is still ranked in the top 150, 143 at Amazon as of this morning, while Mitt’s newly released book is at 43, only 100 spots ahead.