No wonder the post office is losing money…

Posted: March 13, 2010 by datechguy in oddities

the intelligence of the postal customer seems to be dropping:

Here is the part that makes me suspect these folks are now SO dependent on government they can no longer function in any job and that bothers me. There were maybe 10-12 people in line in front of me. There were 2 instances of people getting to the front with their package to be shipped which it had no address. The people were shocked they couldn’t just tell you who it was for and the general neighborhood and the package wouldn’t get there. THEY DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED THE ADDRESS!!!!

The question becomes: Is creating the culture of dependency a bug or a feature of our educational system?

Via DaScienceGuy who you will be seeing more of later tonight.

  1. dascienceguy says:

    Thanks for linking to one of my favorite blog entries. I just need to know now where I can get my own Fedora?