In case there are still people who don’t get it…

Posted: March 12, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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…let me spell it out.

All the different tricks and rabbits that these congressional idiots are trying to pull out of their hats to get this garbage bill passed are basically trial balloons to see if they can get away with them with the media and the public.

They do not have the votes, they know they don’t have the votes. The only thing they have is the hope that we will think that they have the votes and that we will back off.

The media will keep coming after this from a different angle, each one designed to trick us, to get our guard down. Don’t buy it.

Regardless of what people are saying these people know they have a tiger by the tail, if it wasn’t for pressure from the White House they would have dropped this nonsense by now.

The smart thing for the White House to do would be to cut their losses, admit that the public just isn’t stupid and uninformed enough to fall for this bit of graft ready to support “reform” in its current state and say ya caught us, oh well no harm in trying “Although this is and remains a priority for us, we hear the voice of the people that the jobs issue has to be handed first and decisively and this is a White House that listens to the people that elected them.”

Joe Scarborough is one of those who don’t get it. He actually said on the Today show that this bill passing is a “foregone conclusion”. If that was true it would have been passed a long time ago, they wouldn’t still be stalling. This administration wanting it passed doesn’t make it so, not when the president will have to go to Indonesia to find a place where thousands of Americans aren’t protesting his appearances.

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    I suspect it will pass in the end if only because they feel that Obama would be irreparably damaged if it doesn’t. I wonder what having one’s signature achievement, the parties holy grail repealed next Jan would do to a presidency even if only in one house.