…speaking of that election day in 2008

Posted: March 11, 2010 by datechguy in local stuff, opinion/news
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…I was very concerned about the election because of then candidate’s Obama’s promises concerning the war. So concerned that I actually showed up at the polling station, (the same spot where Stacy and I interviewed voters in January) with a McCain Palin sign first thing in the morning and stayed there for most of the day. It being Massachusetts 15 months BSB (Before Scott Brown) there was no organized effort, I just kinda did it on my own.

You’ve never seen surprise on peoples faces like you saw when they turned into the lot to see that McCain/Palin sign. I got quite a few thumbs up and at least one “you’ve got to be kidding” from people, but the end result was within two hours a lady came down to hold an Obama/Biden sign to counter me. (We chatted and have run into each other on at various city events since then becoming friends. She is widowed to a person who was quite active in the democratic party and has stayed involved).

I stayed after she left and then a friend of mine who came to vote, saw me, took my extra sign and held it as well.

Who knew we were 14 months ahead of our time in the state?

  1. Do you honestly believe that one person decided to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket because you, then later a few others, held a sign on election day? The same question for the woman holding the Obama/Biden sign.

    My opinion on the matter is that each person deserves a friendly honk and a wave for standing out in the cold holding a sign. But in no way is my vote based on who has the most signs in town or at my polling location.

  2. Cousin Sam says:

    Every election, every year, in every town, city and state, roughly 2.4 Gazillion dollars, more or less, are spent by candidates to purchase and distribute Name-On-A-Stick signs. I wouldn’t think they would persuade anyone either, but there must be some study or at least anecdotal evidence somewhere that they work or they wouldn’t be spending so much money that could have gone to tv/radio/print/internet ads, mailers, or something else, would they? Or is this just a case of doing something because it’s always been done that way? I would love to see some research, if anyone can find any.

    If it does have an effect anywhere, I would think it might have an effect in an area like Massachusetts, where a person potentially leaning towards McCain might feel like they are alone, and seeing that they are not might give them a boost. Sure, the vote is anonymous, but peer pressure and human psychology work in strange ways, and some people are VERY susceptible to peer pressure.

    If nothing else, it makes YOU feel better to have done something, even if it didn’t make a difference in the outcome, and isn’t that really why we even vote at all? Obviously McCain was not going to carry Massachusetts, if the only thing that mattered was having an effect, you could have stayed home and not even voted, right?