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…I was very concerned about the election because of then candidate’s Obama’s promises concerning the war. So concerned that I actually showed up at the polling station, (the same spot where Stacy and I interviewed voters in January) with a McCain Palin sign first thing in the morning and stayed there for most of the day. It being Massachusetts 15 months BSB (Before Scott Brown) there was no organized effort, I just kinda did it on my own.

You’ve never seen surprise on peoples faces like you saw when they turned into the lot to see that McCain/Palin sign. I got quite a few thumbs up and at least one “you’ve got to be kidding” from people, but the end result was within two hours a lady came down to hold an Obama/Biden sign to counter me. (We chatted and have run into each other on at various city events since then becoming friends. She is widowed to a person who was quite active in the democratic party and has stayed involved).

I stayed after she left and then a friend of mine who came to vote, saw me, took my extra sign and held it as well.

Who knew we were 14 months ahead of our time in the state?

John Olver is my congressman…

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…on a personal level he is a friendly fellow. During the last presidential election we chatted as I held my McCain Palin sign at the polling station.

However politically he is about as out there as you can get so this article at Big Government didn’t surprise me in the least:

Olver was recently ranked as the nation’s most liberal congressman — a record he had in 2005, as well. With a quick look over at his record, it’s easy to see why he earns that moniker. Olver was one of only twenty-two congressmen to vote against a resolution merely expressing support for democracy in Cuba. Instead, he’s supported resolutions to impeach then-President Bush.

This goes to show that being a nice guy doesn’t qualify you for high office.

“Disputed East Jerusalem” Mika?

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Oh and one more thing Mika, there is no dispute about East Jerusalem, Israel took it in the 1967 war. It is theirs! There is no dispute about the west bank. Israel took it in the 1967 war. It is theirs. There only reason why Gaza and Sinai are not part of Israel today, because they exchanged Sinai for peace with Egypt and gave Gaza to the “Palestinians” who have transformed it to what it is today.

You might as well refer to “Disputed Texas” or “Disputed Arizona” or “Disputed New Mexico” or “Disputed South Vietnam”. Or the whole “disputed confederacy”.

You might say: ” Peter you aren’t showing the Palestinians much respect.” My answer: Respect has to be earned.

The reality of the Middle East

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When you look at the middle east people talk all about the “injustice” of Israel ask a few sane questions.

Arabs have the vote in Israel

Israeli Arabs are members of the parliament

Muslims are free to worship in Israel without fear

In the Arab world.

Can Jews vote?

Can Jews become members of parliament?

Can Jews worship without fear?

We aren’t even talking about the reality that arab nations are either or have become Judenrien. Answer theses question and tell me who is oppressing who?

When people talk about Israeli “genocide” lets say out loud what some people don’t want to acknowledge:

Israel has had the power to exterminate the Arabs for decades and have not used it. Arab population has increased.

Does anybody seriously believe that if the Arab Nations had the power to exterminate Israel there would be a living Jew anywhere in sight?

If you can’t acknowledge those realities, then I’m sorry, you might be a nice person and wise about other things, but you have absolutely nothing intelligent to add to this conversation.