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Today we are going to start a new feature called around the blogroll where we take a look at three posts from blogs on my blogroll:

At Adrienne’s Corner (It will always be Adrienne’s Catholic Corner to me) she has the: “Are you a Democrat, Republican or a Redneck?” test:

You’re walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children.

Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah, raises the knife, and charges at you.

You are carrying a Colt 1911 cal. 45 ACP, and you are an expert shot.

You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family

What do you do?

Even my wife found it funny and she hates politics and blogs (Good thing she likes me more).

HotMES goes after that abomination called Jersey Shore:

These kids are such chumps I don’t even know what to say half the time. The guys think that they represent what it means to be Italian? That’s the worst joke I’ve ever heard. I know plenty of Italians and they don’t consider tans and hair gel as representative of their heritage. The best part about the show was when that one girl, who I find to be repulsive on too many levels to list, gets punched in the face.

I don’t know who raised these idiots but if they are not ashamed of themselves the ought to be. They wouldn’t last 5 minutes with my Sicilian mother, she’d straighten them out.

and finally Riehl World View also focuses on New Jersey but with a more substantive issue, namely the old Raaaaacist cry being directed at Tea Party People in Bob Menendez’s name:

several prominent NJ Democrats are playing the race card, actually labeling the movement as raaaacist. This is an issue for Menendez now. If he doesn’t step up, denounce these statements and tell NJ Democrats to chill, he may soon find himself the target of Tea Party and grassroots activists from around the country, not just his home state!

There are no more motivated voters these days than the tea party guys. Menendez goes after them at their peril and it will end badly for him.

Tune in tomorrow for another look at the blogs I look at.

…comes from Breitbart TV:

Sen Byrd is much older now. But that message is still what it is.

Perhaps it was this speech that convinced McCain & Graham that democrats could behave with honor.

My warning still stands.

…in between the “snorkling” jokes and the guys attempt to keep from cracking up (and Mika shaking her head as it happens) there was a 60 second “role play” between Barnicle and Joe Scarborough over reports that Nancy Pelosi knew about rep Massa’s “issues” for a while.

Barnicle (as congressman x): Madame Speaker I’m a little concerned about congressman Massa “snorkling” in the house with congressional aides…

(At this point Willie buries his face in his arms to keep from cracking up on the air the shot is priceless!)

Joe (As Nancy Pelosi): Ok, I’ll take a look at this and if necessary refer it to the ethics committee.

If Nancy Pelosi did this the scandal is over and Pelosi is praised for decisive leadership.


I’m sorry the idea that Nancy “You First” Pelosi might act in a principled way is the funniest thing I’ve heard since someone once said in my hearing that there was no such thing as organized crime.

Are EXACTLY right on the school choice issue. Their segment on NY schools should be required watching for any person who opposes charter schools.

This is one of the few issues where the President is on the right side of. If he wants to recover and score a bi-partisan victory and so something that could really have a long term positive effect for the nation in general and for the black community in particular this is it.

For more on the subject check here here and here.

Update: A reader reminds me that although the president has said the right thing when he had the chance to support school choice in DC he didn’t bother. I can’t believe I forgot that after all I wrote about it on New Years Day and I was sober.