If you read this blog this story will not surprise you…

Posted: March 10, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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about democrats not willing to bring back the gang of 14 in the words of Ben Nelson:

“It is not the same as it was before.”

Of course it is not the same, democrats are in power now, restraint and rules are only principles for our democratic friends if republicans are in charge.

I didn’t like the nuclear option before, I don’t like it now, but I repeat my message. If these are the new rules of the game, when we have power we will use them without restraint.

And we will have power very soon!

Lindsey Graham, you earn the Full You Fool moment!

I’m sure the media will come roaring forward endorse the gang of 14 concept that they embraced years ago…

…the day after Ahmadinejad visits Yad Vashem.

  1. So the process that took over a year to complete, adopting many conservative and republican ideas into the bill, including over 150 amendments, and still getting zero Republican votes in the final vote.
    A vote that was passed following the rules of the senate 60-40 and sent to the house.

    Now there is complaining and statements of ‘jamming the bill down our throats’. Hardly the process passing said legislation, and the time frame it took to get here is rushing the legislation. It seems to me that the (R)s used whatever delaying tactics they could, and the finance committee took many months to pass their portion of the bill.

    Now following rules of congress, the House could simply pass the Senate Bill then it goes to the Presdient’s desk to be signed into law which would end the whole process. But instead they’d rather wish to combine the two bills through reconcilliation only requiring majority votes in both houses.

    So taking the extra steps, and more time-hardly cramming it down-to improve the senate bill, improving it and making it better for the American people, is wrong?

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