I have always been of the opinion that a candidate that has lost once…

Posted: March 10, 2010 by datechguy in elections
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…is actually a better candidate because they have the experience of losing. Failure tends to be a rough but solid teacher, but you need to have a student willing to learn from those lessons.

If Martha Coakley was the type, she could learn from her loss and come back stronger. I don’t know if she is the type but we will see.

Which brings us to Doug Hoffman.

Conservatives owe Doug Hoffman a real debt. If Dede Scozzafava had won she would not only been a vote for Obamacare, she would have been on every TV show and every network portrayed as the “Republican”. She would have been jammed down our throats as the “bipartisan” republican ideal and proof that republicans had to abandon conservatism.

If we had Scozzafava, we would not have had Scott Brown, Period! The only reason why we don’t have Scozzafava is because of Doug Hoffman. I met Doug briefly at CPAC and shook his hand thanking him. We owe him big.

All that being said he made some errors. At the debate he seemed weak on local issues, he conceded too quickly and then unconseded and then reacted poorly when the loss held up.

These were all errors but are not fatal errors. With time and experience under his belt he has been busy, not only keeping up his conservative credentials nationally but within the district. With hard work on the local issues he will be better prepared to face Bill Owens in the fall. It is necessary to have both a national and local message, a primary election will enable that.

Of course Bill Owens breaking of his campaign promises with record speed certainly won’t hurt Doug, particularly since he attacked incredibly unpopular obamacare way back when (was this only 4 months ago?)

So as the bard wrote, once more, once more unto the breech.

“I’m just an average citizen, standing up to say, ‘We’re fed up. We’re not going to take this any more,’ ” Mr. Hoffman told The Washington Times in a telephone interview Tuesday. “I don’t think anybody should expect to inherit political office … . I’m going to work very hard to earn the respect and support of all the voters in the district.”

Nice to see Stacy’s byline at the Washington Times again. The village voice may think it’s funny but I suspect they will not be laughing in November. As Stacy writes:

“I do know there are a lot of grass-roots supporters around the district who still have [Hoffman for Congress] signs in their basements, and they’re itching to get them back out.”

Well it’s time to break out mine too.

Vote Hoffman!

  1. The other day, I was wondering why I hadn’t heard about NY-23 and whether Doug Hoffman would be running again.

    Even if Bill Owens had kept his campaign promises, Hoffman would be tough to beat the second time around: Owens pretty much only won because Dede endorsed him and was still on the ballot. But getting elected and running to the Left? Oh, Owens, my Labrador could give you a run for your money!

    So… YAY!!!

  2. A House seat is much less important than a Senate seat in the grand scheme of things. You said ‘If we had Scozzafava, we would not have had Scott Brown, Period!’ Well why the hell wouldn’t you.

    Brown would have still won Massachusetts (without my vote) and still would have become the 41th Republican vote in the Senate. He still would have been the newest face of the Republican Party. The new hope and the continued message to straight to Washington as was portrayed following the election.

    Have the Tea Party folks jumped off the Brown bandwagon because he voted for cloture in the jobs bill vote? Have they already thrown him under the bus and are looking for someone more in lock-step with Republicans for the seat?

    That statement was rediculous!