“Drinking a frigin gallon of pop”

Posted: March 9, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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I’m fat, lets be honest about it. I’ve been thin and have on occasion lost weight but right now I’m fat. If Mika saw me in person she would be on my case over it.

When she goes on about soda, I roll my eyes but I can see the mom in her. When she goes on about a “frigin’ gallon of pop” I think she really cares about this thing and I can’t help but like her when I see this. I just don’t think she realizes that people have the right to be wrong and to enjoy the little things in life.

The real reason for this isn’t soda, it’s because of video games. The fact that we are sitting in front of the Computer instead of playing baseball (the greatest game ever made) or kickball (my favorite as a little kid) basketball (I still love to play but I don’t get much of a chance and I’m kinda old.) When we see this stuff going on again the problem will be solved.

Find a way to draw the kids away from the keyboard and watch the pounds melt away.

The conversation came up over this study concerning the soda tax.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina studied more than 5,000 young adults.

They found paying a dollar more for soda caused people to consume 124 fewer calories a day.

Using that formula, researchers say over one year, an 18-percent tax on soda could cause someone to shed up to 5 pounds.

Maybe it’s just me, but with the number one issue being people out of work, I think taxing an industry and imposing a regressive tax on the lowest income might be bad timing. I also think that if such a tax didn’t apply to smaller amounts then you would see the migration to places like McDonalds where you can get free refills with your value meal.

That will shrink our waistlines. Good Plan!

  1. People are drinking pop by the gallon? No wonder people are fat.

    Stop the presses, I agree with Datechguy…for the most part.

    The inactivity caused by television, video games, the convenience of fast food and drive-thru, larger portions (have you seen the small Wendy’s soda? its huge!), high fructose corn syrup in everything, perservatives, trans fats, etc.

    I was in elementary school during the Reagan years. I remember participating in the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge in gym class. By the time I reached middle school, recess was eliminated. The only time children got to run around was the time remaining during lunchtime after eating. In high school only 4 semesters of gym were required for graduation and that was mostly indoor dodge ball and basketball.

    As soon as children are once again permitted extended recess, taught to exercise correctly in gym class, and are given healthy school lunch choices on a daily basis instead of cheeseburgers and pizza, our cities and towns have parks and indoor play areas, our society will turn itself around and become healthier.

  2. You’re missing another big one: lack of dinner with the family. Sit-down dinner, cooked at home, is better for kids than any other means of getting nutrition at that time of day. Kids who eat dinner with their families have all sorts of good outcomes (less likely to engage in sexual activity, less likely to drop out of school, better health, etc).

    There’s a lot of things that upset me about the soda tax. One of them is that for some people, soda is their one vice. I don’t like soda nor potato chips or even French fries, but I eat (according to my family) my body weight in chocolate every day. There’s certainly people out there who cannot match my brownie/ice cream/chocolate/pound cake with chocolate syrup/etc consumption, but drink soda instead. So they should be penalized because the thing that makes their day a little better fails to meet the approval of a bunch of people in Washington, DC? Give me a break!

    I hate the idea of using taxation not as a means of raising necessary revenue, but as a means of getting people to do what you want them to do. It’s so incredibly coercive, but hidden under such a benign exterior. Additionally, there’s an interesting self-defeating element to all of this: the government will rely on the extra revenue, this will cause people to slowly stop drinking soda, and the revenue will decrease, thus ensuring that we’ve created another dependency in Washington that will later have to be fulfilled elsewhere. That particular supply of Congressional cocaine is not infinite.

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