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Glenn Reynolds tell the tale.

I just noticed one formerly friendly journalist dissing me in the comments on a lefty blog, and when I checked my email I noticed that the friendly messages stopped right after I plugged his book.

You know if you treat people with respect you will earn respect, if you act like a weasel don’t expect people to remember you as anything but weaselly.

Glenn shows the class that the person he refers to doesn’t by not naming him. I suspect any subsequent book however won’t get a plug. Nothing like burning bridges is there?

Update: A lesson for the journalist in question: Instead of abandoning someone who does me a favor I sent a thank you note for the promotion of my attempt to make a living at this and got a very friendly reply…and ANOTHER Instalanche.

People are not a commodity to be used and discarded. They are our friends and brothers to be treasured and respected.

Before I go any farther let me stipulate that both Senator McCain and Graham have done yeoman service for the country. I supported John McCain proudly for president in 2008 and the country would be in far better shape if he had won.

A few years back Sens McCain and Graham were involved in a project called the “Gang of 14”. This was a bi-partisan attempt to break a logjam concerning judicial nominees without using what was then called the “Nuclear” or “Constitutional” option” to force said judicial picks through.

The results although annoying to conservatives resulted in two first class Supreme Court picks and some lesser judges making it through. It also preserved the rules of the senate from an attempt to play games with the rules. I didn’t like the idea on the grounds that if you play loose with the rules eventually when power shifts you have to deal with said rules yourselves.

The Senate is specifically meant to slow down the process of passing laws, to force sober thought. It is meant to be a drag on the will of the people in the sense that it’s deliberate nature gives folks the chance to think things through.

Which brings us today to reconciliation etc…

Sens McCain and Graham seeing the situation with the attempts once again to play games with the rules are trying again to re-create the “Gang of 14” to see if this can be prevented.

Imagine their surprise when the five democrats still serving seem unwilling to re-create said gang now that it’s purpose is to restrain Democrats from playing games with the rules.

Imagine their shock when the MSM who embraced the goals of the Gang of 14 when the job was to restrain republicans when it the majority show disdain when it can be used to restrain democrats.

The real shock is the idea that people who have been in the military, who have been in politics for decades, people who have seen the other side at work are naive enough to believe that they meant what they said about the sanctity of the rules and rights of the minority party.

The real shock is that the lessons of the last election where the media did not even pretend to be unbiased in endorsing an inexperienced Chicago Machine Pol because of the pigmentation of his father’s skin still have not hit these men. They still expect the media that can’t get basic things right to report fairly and be consistent in their opinions.

I am optimistic by nature, but I think the at best they will get Bird who is so sick it won’t matter much.

Granted I still don’t think the democrats will get their bill because the members of the house will not jump off a cliff because Speaker Pelosi says so. (You first Nancy) but one has to note the actions of the other side.

Of course democrats are also not considering that if they do this we Republicans will not bother to restrain ourselves when we take power (and it looks like this will be soon).

Sen McCain and Graham’s attempt to shame these people is not a bad thing per-se, but their unwillingness to recognize people and things for what they are seriously suggest that their primary challenges might be better choices for their states.

It will be interesting to see what the morning shows say tomorrow.

When covering the Iraqi elections she acknowledged the “cropped” cover from Newsweek.

There are times when Mika drives me crazy (and I’m not talking in the “handsome woman sense”) but I’ve got to say when she is wrong she is usually wrong honest and she tries harder to be fair than any liberal I’ve seen on TV.

OMB did I hear Norah O’Donnell just admit that the problem with Obamacare is with the democrats? Cripes did someone put journalism pills in their Starbucks today?

They now are laughing at rep Massa’s “atmosphere” statement.