Iraq reality vs Iraq fantasy…

Posted: March 8, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news, war
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Yesterday at the Oscars that I didn’t watch, a movie that I didn’t see, painting yet another grim picture of a war that hollywood still doesn’t support managed to win an Oscar.

War is a grim thing and those who fight it understand that its ending is a wonderful thing but wars are fought for a reason and for a result.

Meanwhile in the real world Iraq had an election yesterday and despite violence by those who want to kill this very young republic. They don’t seem to be succeeding.

Hollywood’s biggest failure has been their repeated attempts to convince the American People that Iraq is Vietnam and their attempts to paint the soldiers of Iraq the same way they painted Vietnam vets.

  1. As I said before in the Huckabee post, ‘watch the movie’. The Hurt Locker is an excellent film.

  2. The Fox News morning show offered the question, would The Hurt Locker have won an oscar if George Bush was in office?

    They brought in Laura Ingraham to defend their point of view and she said of course it would have won, it was a great movie.