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Posted: March 7, 2010 by datechguy in fun, gaming, short films/interviews
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My youngest and myself are both Pinball fanatics so on the occasion of his rising grades we took a trip up to Funspot with his friend Kevin and DaHospitalityGuy. A young lady who was to also come with us begged off due to sickness.

The drive itself in a couple of hours as it is located in central NH’s Lake’s Region. The entire area is rather beautiful although each time I visit it seem to be developed just a little bit more.

There are a series of photos that will show up in the Gallery below but there was one sight that caught me totally by surprise when we pulled up, so much so that everyone had to wait for me while I waited for the sign to refresh to the same spot:

In NH conservatives aren't the silent type

Being from Massachusetts I was a little surprised but much less so after I had the great pleasure of meeting the founder:

When you have an arcade that has been in business since 1952 and at it’s present location since 1964 customers are unlikely to make choices based on your political leanings, particularly when you provide a good product at a great price. Particularly when you offer free tables and space for Birthday parties.

We didn’t confine our interviews to management…

UPDATE: His name is Dylan not Ian my bad there.

The food is pretty good, but if you want something more substantial there is no shortage of restaurants nearby, but they don’t give you the free tokens that you earn for buying a Pizza.

There are more interviews, and a photo gallery below the jump

Let’s start with the photos for those of you who aren’t into YouTube:

As for the customers, Dianne was here for the first time:

While Neil and Sue are regulars who have excellent taste in Pinball machines:

Let’s do a quick tour of my favorite section the Pinball machines…

And a bit of the Downstairs:

And for those who have never seen it but heard about it, Candlepin Bowling!

Of course Bob is not the only Lawton still involved in the Business, Steve has been working here since he was nine years old.

Halloween is FREE HERE? Cripes what am I doing in Massachusetts that night?

Meanwhile some people like Eric got their love of pinball from their grandparents

Others like Paul and Fred have been coming off and on for years:

While some like the fair Jessica came due to her young man and decided she liked it.

Meanwhile Kevin had things to say while Danny decided to pull a Kathy Bates as Mama behind him.

Danny is however much more serious with the founder of the feast:

And as the day ends The sign leaves us with another message:

Most games take a single token and you can get something like 140 tokens for $20. The four of us got here around 2:15 and left a little before 8 p.m. Depending on what games you play you can easily have a full day for a reasonable price. Two thumbs WAY up.

  1. Bubble Hockey is still the best. I did enjoy playing Elevator Action again, it was my favorite arcade game when I was kid. If I had my children with me, they would have had a blast in the children area. There was so much fun stuff for toddlers to do & you don’t see that too often.

  2. I <3 pinball! Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday (although it's sort of a shame to have missed the great weather).

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  4. rightwinggamer says:

    Ah, Funspot. Many fun times, many fond memories. Haven’t been there in years.

  5. redthing500 says:

    Hi, I would indeed be the young lady who begged out due to illness, I regret to inform you that the same thing that prevented me from going to school plagued me once again on a less welcome occasion. Anyways, just though I’d stop by and be a daily viewer! I’ll see you and Dan Thursday at game night I assume?

    -Crystal :]

  6. redthing500 says:

    Unfortunatetly I see what I did miss, anyways, maybe next time I shall go, we’ll have to see… =[