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…from members of my Parish St. Anthony’s.

Phyllis sits behind me to the right. Rep DiNatale sits one row back.

If you are wondering why I don’t have any video from other churches. I figure they must be feeling kind of down right now. I’ll give them a week or two and then see if anyone wants to talk, right now they don’t need a guy with a camera in their face.

The Worcester Telegram covered the story here.

Inglorious Bastards: Amazon Review

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My review of the DVD Inglorious Bastards staring Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz and Melanie Laurent. (Yes I know there are bigger names in the film but they are the characters that drive it.) is available at here.

I was very surprised when I saw this come in NetFlix, the wife got it for Brad Pitt and had no idea what she was getting into.

Oh and I know my reading and reviews have fallen behind. I’m nearly done with The Barbary Pirates and hope to start The War Lovers tomorrow. If I finish Dietrich’s book early enough I’ll try to get a review up before midnight. If not I’ll have both reviews on the plate for next weekend.

Update: For reasons I can’t understand this post gets an awful lot of attention lately, if you stopped by leave a comment to let me know why.

One of the wonderful things about St. Anthony’s church is the strong music ministry of players and singers that appear regularly at Mass.

Robert Memo is one of several people who give their time and effort to the people and the Lord, much to the pleasure of the congregation.

Remember if you have a talent like this, you can add a lot to a worship service. Robert considers himself an amateur but as far as we are concerned he is a pro. A gift that is shared is a gift doubled, and maybe you will inspire someone to take up the mantle as well.

Answer: Because God as a sense of Humor

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Q: Why did that package turn up now of all times?

I spent yesterday with My son and some Friends at Funspot in NH, the worlds largest Arcade. When I got home late last night this was waiting for me from Mike’s Comics.

Of COURSE it comes now.

Unless I’m very mistaken that package contains the a boxed set of the new audio adventures of a certain scarf wearing alien that I pre-ordered in July of last year.

The BBC has apparently decided that since I’ve given up a certain Science Fiction series first broadcast by the BBC the year I was born for Lent that naturally it is the perfect time to release the item in the US.

So that package gets to remain unopened with a paperback from Amazon Vine till Easter Sunday on April 4th. (Yes I know officially Lent ends on Holy Thursday for the Easter Triduum but that feels like cheating to me.)

Rest assured after that date they will be listened to rated and reviewed here and on Amazon. All I can say is they’d better not stink!

Oh and if you are a new reader since CPAC (Which began on Ash Wednesday the start of Lent) and you have no idea what I’m talking about despite the hints click here.