Stacy McCain on the road again…perhaps

Posted: March 6, 2010 by datechguy in Uncategorized

What the next best thing to having a Sicilian American Blogger with Fedora and cannoli covering your story for a Mere $1000 a week plus expenses? Having the Robert Stacy McCain road show visit your town:

if you’re one of the people who hit the tip jar to help fund my travels during 2009, thank you very, very much. I’m now actually considering a sort of “Victory Lap” road trip in a few weeks to celebrate the past year’s successes, meet up with some friends and do some campaign coverage. Our good friend Barbara Espinosa lives in Arizona (where a certain crazy cousin of mine thinks he’s too young for retirement), and I’m thinking I might stop in Kansas City to see my buddy Nathan Cossey en route.

This expedition could even go all the way to California, where JSF at Valley of the Shadow has been soliciting my interest lately. The itinerary is sketchy at this point, but once I pay back the rental-car company for that deer I hit in Tupper Lake while covering the Hoffman campaign . . .

Sounds like a worthy cause to me.

  1. smitty says:

    Mad, mad, mad. :)