The Republican pledge concerning Obamacare…

Posted: March 4, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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I didn’t bother to write about the president’s speech yesterday or about the talk concerning reconciliation etc because I consider it all for show to try to convince democrats and some republicans of the inevitability of democratic success. I’ve already staked a $20 gift card on it not being passed by the end of Lent but lets make the rash assumption that democrats manage to pull this off.

If that is the case then any republican running for office should be made to make to sign the following statement:

I the undersigned promise that I will vote for the full repeal of any Democratic Health Care bill passed by congress this session. I will repeatedly cast such a vote until the bill is repealed.

If I am running for a Senate Seat I promise to use the same reconciliation process that is used to pass the bill to repeal it. I promise to repeatedly vote for said repeal until it is completed.

If I am running for the Republican presidential nomination I vow to sign any bill of repeal that comes to my desk.

I Further promise to put up a bond for the total amount of the contributions to my campaign during this cycle. If elected and I fail to keep said promise I will forfeit said bond.

Considering how popular said bill I would hate to be any democrat running against a person who has signed such a pledge.

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