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…unless those views make the wrong people uncomfortable.

It this was a secular organization that would be bad enough but that it is Notre Dame it boggles the mind. The quote from American Papist seems apt:

“Truly the late great Professor Ralph McInerny was correct in his styling of Notre Dame’s ‘truly vulgar lust’ to be accepted by the secular academy and the secular world.”

Read the e-mail exchange and the column that it was over. If it column sounds familiar if you read this blog it should be, and his logical conclusion is the same secular argument that I’ve been making for years on the subject:

Personally on a religious level I can’t support gay marriage but this is not a valid argument for a non-religious person. On a non-religious level it seems to me you can not rationally say that gay marriage is ok and should be legal without also allowing either polygamy and incest between consenting adults. Both have a longer and more accepted cultural history worldwide.

And PLEASE don’t give me the “ick” factor argument about these other things being accepted. Ick is just an argument about culture. It is the same argument that one would have heard concerning gay marriage less that 20 years ago. It is particularly galling when gay people are subject to state sponsored murder in places like Iran and ick is invoked beside Islam.

It is a pet peeve of mine when Catholic institutions try to apologize for being Catholic or run away from Catholic teaching or raise money touting their Catholicism while downplaying it in person. It disgusts me. If you want to be Protestant, be Protestant, if you want to be secular be secular, but don’t pretend to be Catholic when you are not.

Let’s finish with two quotes: The First from Professor’s Rice’s letter of response:

In a university that claims to be Catholic, I am not willing to restrict my presentation of Catholic teaching to a format that treats the authoritative teaching of the Church as merely one viewpoint or “side” among many. If you require that future columns of mine on homosexuality comply with a format such as you propose, it will be inappropriate for me to continue writing the column for the Observer.

The first quote implies that he knows the second.

Whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. Luke 9:26

My youngest son is going to be of college age in two years. If you are the president of a Catholic College that is ACTUALLY Catholic I’d love to hear from you. Consider that an open invitation.

Update: The Curt Jester is unhappy too.

Update 2: “In the Land of Believers” is being touched on today at Morning Joe. It is a good parallel.

American Glob is right on the money…

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When he links to this speech for Gov Christie.

Compare and contrast to the president. This guy is for real and New Jersey deserves kudos for being wise enough to elect him.

The American People can understand common sense. He is speaking it.

…and Morning Joe hits the nail on the head about healthcare.

These guys are EXACTLY right about Massachusetts, they are exactly right about what the people think. They must have been reading my coverage last January.

And then they advise the WhiteHouse to pass it anyways because it makes them look strong?

A strong man is able to acknowledge reality and move on. This president is instead acting like a gambler who is on a losing streak and decides to mortgage the house because he KNOWS the dice are going to roll his way.

This guy is just amazing and Krista and company insisting they should pass it is simply mindblowing.

A bunch of slides on how to raise money is equal to:

Patterson’s ethics issues

Rangel’s Ethics issues

Stark’s big mouth

Massa’s ethics issues

They opened with all of these eithics issues and started to shakes their heads to begin the 6 o:clock hour only to call the politico in that was shocked shocked by some slides from an RNC fundraising plan?

First of all those images are so tame compared to anything that the democrats were producing over the period of the previous administration that it is an insult to the intelligence to say that the person making the slide for a fundraiser should be fired. (In fairness Joe did mention this)

If I’m the RNC I’m so owning this and comparing the reaction of the DNC to this vs the ethics issues.

and lets finish up with the president and the judgeship.

The Add writes itself, you list the ethics issues and compare it to the slide finishing with: What outrages the MSM more?

And now their first new guest is going on about how “disgusting” and beyond the pale it is.

I’m sorry this if you were MSNBC you couldn’t make yourself more foolish by making the equivalency. Then again it IS MSNBC the fact that they are reporting both gives a glimmer of hope.