Mitt Romney on Morning Joe

Posted: March 3, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Mitt Romeny is on Morning Joe right now plugging his book: No Apologies, in likely a more friendly setting than The View was.

I’m very hard on Mitt, at least I was at CPAC. I didn’t like the answers to the softballs I threw him at the Brown Party and I was unhappy at his general inaction as governor here although he did hold the line on the budget as well as one can in Massachusetts.

I would support him over any democrat but on a political level he doesn’t impress me but he is looking good today. (On a personal level he is an excellent example with a fine family meaning he got the most important in life right).

He is making a good case and he is showing a better face than I’ve seen him show. Morning Joe tends to loosen up guys a bit. Maybe he needs more settings like this.

He declared George W. Bush a good president, Sarah Palin Qualified to be president and Mike “dishonorable” Huckabee a conservative.

Pretty good job.

On a side note I REALLY like the photos they go in and out with on the show lately.

Update: Linked by Texas for Sarah Palin. thanks.

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