Laws vs Journalism vs Sausage making. Go for the Sausage!

Posted: March 3, 2010 by datechguy in local stuff
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A long time ago on Instapundit there was a comment about laws and sausages. On behalf of Mike I objected to the statement about sausage, leading to this funny statement from Glenn:

How bad have things gotten? Bad enough that when you compare journalism to sausage-making, people write in to defend sausage-makers!

That was seven years ago. Elsewhere that statement has been made over and over again by people who have never seen sausage made. Today we are going to Solve that Problem

Mike Romano Your Local Butcher for 4 decades.

This is Mike Romano of Romano’s Market and this post and all the videos that follow is all about how his sausage is made. I’d like to thank Mike for letting me film him during his weekly sausage making.

We come through the door and say Hello:

Lets meet the meat:

At this point I discovered that my youngest spent all last night shooting video of pinball. So I ran home for more batteries. When I came back with new batteries and the 2 gig memory card I asked the question how does someone manage to own the last butcher shop in town when the time for such shops has passed?

I certainly can’t argue with the last survivor, but what is the actual difference between a Romano’s sausage and one you might buy at the supermarket?

There is much more to Mike’s place than Sausage. He makes corned beef too. All last week you could see him cutting and tying it. You still have time to order some before St. Patrick’s day, but not much time.

One thing I learned from this interview is that Kaite really has a passion for the place where she works and takes pride in it. Maybe even as much as Mike does.

Of course it is all well and good to get comments from people doing the work but the big question is: What do the customers say? We asked two. Ed you might remember from the diner next door

Harold has been coming here since before I moved into the neighborhood. He is really good. How good? He manages to get Michelle to appear on camera.

I actually took those two films after the rest of the interview but I thought they fit in good there. Of course there is more than just sausage here:

But the last word really belongs to Kaite. You can’t really talk to her for any length of time without being impressed.

So in the future when you see things compared to sausage making, remember this post and think, if only they made laws and journalism as good as Romano’s sausage!

Update: Little Miss Attila links and in search of a good local Butcher, unfortunately she is as far away from Romano’s as humanly possible.

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  2. Making laws and sausages are alike in one respect.

    According to the USDA Quarterly Hogs report,, 60,000 hogs and pigs are sold to market each month. Unless there are 40,000 butchers in the united states, the Pig/butcher ratio would be greater than the Super Majority in the senate.

    I don’t see the hogs agenda being passed!

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