I have one warning to my democratic and liberal friends…

Posted: March 3, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…if they decide to go nuclear on Healthcare.

The day will come when Republicans control both houses and the presidency. If you choose to go on this path that day will be sooner than you think. If you use this power today, we will use it tomorrow. And we’ll do it without the beating of the breasts that is going on today.

And as you might have noticed we have a lot easier time passing bills with smaller majorities than you do.

  1. oh, so the Republicans using reconciliation 17 of the 23 times used is ok. but the Democrats using it to pass health care reform would be the worst thing ever?

    Come on.

    No one except republicans call this process the nuclear option. The nuclear option and reconcilliation are two different things. The nuclear option is changing the senate rules to eliminate the filibuster. Reconciliation is passing a bill with only 51 votes.

    Back in 1995, to prevent the filibuster of President Bush’s judicial nominees, republicans threatened to use the nuclear option to change the rules to eliminate the filibuster so they could push through Bush’s nominees. This of course after constantly delaying or filibustering Bill Clinton’s nominees to the court while they controlled the Senate.

    Its funny how only when the democrats decide to follow the reconciliation rule to allow the majority to take a position and allow a majority vote to pass legislation, republicans cry foul and start calling reconciliation a Nuclear Option or Nuclear Reconciliation Option, etc..

    Passing a bill through reconciliation is NOT changing the rules of the senate to eliminate the filibuster, it is a simple one time majority rule vote on a piece of legislation.

    Perhaps the reason republicans are calling this process the nuclear option because they have REPEATEDLY used reconcilaition to pass their own agenda, most recently the three major Bush tax cuts.

    But it was never used for health care you say? COBRA, Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, was passed through reconciliation, thats what the R stands for. CHIP, Children Health Insurance Program, was a reconciliation bill as well. Expansion to Medicade was passed through reconciliation. Health reform has almost always been passed through reconciliation in this country.

    The following is from the article Health Care No Stranger To Reconciliation Process by Julie Rovner – Feb 24, 2010

    For 30 years, major changes to health care laws have passed via the budget reconciliation process. Here are a few examples:

    1982 — TEFRA: The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act first opened Medicare to HMOs
    1986 — COBRA: The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act allowed people who were laid off to keep their health coverage, and stopped hospitals from dumping ER patients unable to pay for their care
    1987 — OBRA ’87: Added nursing home protection rules to Medicare and Medicaid, created no-fault vaccine injury compensation program
    1989 — OBRA ’89: Overhauled doctor payment system for Medicare, created new federal agency on research and quality of care
    1990 — OBRA ’90: Added cancer screenings to Medicare, required providers to notify patients about advance directives and living wills, expanded Medicaid to all kids living below poverty level, required drug companies to provide discounts to Medicaid
    1993 — OBRA ’93: created federal vaccine funding for all children
    1996 — Welfare Reform: Separated Medicaid from welfare
    1997 — BBA: The Balanced Budget Act created the state-federal childrens’ health program called CHIP
    2005 — DRA: The Deficit Reduction Act reduced Medicaid spending, allowed parents of disabled children to buy into Medicaid

  2. Thomas Paine says:

    History has shown we would be better off with a Republican Congress and a Democratic president. Whenever we have one party rule in Washington goes through the roof. Neither party can control themselves. I just wrote about this. Though I used donuts instead of cannoli.

    You are right, if they push through health care then 2010 will look like 1994 all over again.

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