Coffee Party, Air America Redux

Posted: March 2, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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I’m sure there are more than a few tea party types who are a tad annoyed at the NYT and Washington Post coverage of the “Coffee parties

it took the two biggest papers in America less than a week after the new site started posting in earnest to catch lefty grassroots Coffee Party fee-vah. (Their Facebook page has been up since last month.) Fancy that.

The actual Times story is here, I would suggest that we Tea Party types should be laughing very hard.

First of all, we are supposed to be upset that the New York Times and the Washington Post treat liberals differently than conservatives? They have been doing it forever. I’m certainly not going to get my knickers in an uproar over that. I’ll mention that is it media bias but all I can do is smile.

Because I remember when they gave that same coverage to Air America rollout. Every network, every morning show, every talk show it was painted as the alternative etc etc etc.

The only result of this is going to be a greater marginalization of the left wing media. It is very easy to run into someone who has attended a tea party. They are your neighbors.

When you are drawing 15 people and it is a “better turnout than expected” you are basically a modern version of the people’s front of Judea.

When they paint it as something it is not people will know it, they are much more experienced in this matter. The only way these guys are going to draw folks are to pay them.

It took less than a decade for it to fall apart. It will be fun watch that happen again.

Update: Weird and wonderful developments are happening.

Update 2: Glenn notices the Air America reference in Bill Jacobson’s comments a mere 4 hours after I made it the subject of my post. Apparently like Miss Attila and Stacy I am instalance deficient Then again I’ve already had more instalances this year then I did all of last year. And that’s still two instalances more than a certain little green blogger has managed since Aug 09.

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  2. Cousin Sam says:

    The term “Tea Party” hearkens back to a pivotal moment in the birth of our Nation when a few brave and patriotic souls risked their life, liberty, and fortunes to thumb their noses at tyranny and oppression and inspire their fellow citizens to rise up in resistance to injustice.

    The term “Coffee Party” hearkens back to….um, well, nothing actually. (other than the stunning lack of original thought of the Progressive “Me-Too” astroturfers.) Coffee is the “opposite” of tea? Maybe that SNL “Kawwfee Tawwk” skit from the early 90s? Am I missing something here, or is this idea just far less clever than the Progressives seem to think it is?

  3. I’d rather a hot cocoa party myself. It keeps you warm on the coldest of days and you can add marshmallows too.