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One of the real pleasures of meeting bloggers at CPAC was discovering new bloggers and sites that you never read before. Dwayne Lester of All American Blog was one of those new discoveries for me.

If you have not read him you are in for a treat.

Well my preliminary tax work is done…

Posted: March 2, 2010 by datechguy in personal
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…so now comes my traditional 1 week cooling off period where I walk away and leave the forms where they are. I always fill out my taxes in pencil and then wait a week and them come back to see if I’ve missed anything or gotten anything wrong.

There are a few things I need to check up on as some new forms are in play for me. Due to an UGMA that was cashed in for my oldest I need to check the rules concerning that. It makes his form more complicated than mine.

As you might guess due to the wonderful tax laws in Massachusetts I will be owing the state but getting a refund from the feds, either way there is nothing like diving through the complicated forms to make the “fair tax” look better and better.

(and yes you read that right, I do my taxes on paper, you won’t find any bit of my stuff in electronic form)

William Jacobson digs into the background and finds weird and wonderful things. And Stacy has fun with initials.

And as it continues the Blogfather Glenn Reynolds in addition to scooping Little Miss Attila shows that like Pepperidge Farm, the internet remembers.

I haven’t heard anyone mimic my Air America take yet, but we could always make book on it. It all depends on how much money Soros and company want to spend to keep it alive.

to answer the swiffer challenge?