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As time has passed it has become increasingly clear that James O’Keefe did not attempt to bug Landrieu’s office.

The various attacks of the left have disappeared into vapor, to the point were Patterico is running rings around them and Breitbart is making them look like fools.

Meanwhile the O’Keefe arrest that was the lead story for the MSM all over has gone poof, no new stories, nothing much happening, very quiet and most importantly quiet at a time when the MSM and the democrats could use something to distract Americans from their own failures.

Has this case gone to court yet? No. Could something more be coming? With God all things are possible but the media’s behavior and Eric Holder’s Justice’s actions suggests otherwise. Their actions or lack thereof is the Dog that didn’t bark.

“Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

“To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

“The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

“That was the curious incident,” remarked Sherlock Holmes.

I must conclude that although I included the proper caveats I was wrong. So the Wheel of Fish award goes to me:

I’ll put it next to my Reagan award.

Did I read that right?

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The US actually raising the issue of Hezbollah with Syria?

The U.S. administration has asked Syrian President Bashar Assad to immediately stop transferring arms to Hezbollah. American officials made the request during a meeting Friday with the Syrian ambassador to Washington.

Of course Syria being Syria they meeting was an exercise in Who moi?

Haaretz has learned that Burns’ visit to Damascus ended unsatisfactorily for the U.S. administration. During Burns’ meeting with Assad, the Syrian leader denied all American claims that his regime was providing military aid to terrorists in Iraq, or to Hezbollah and Palestinian terror groups.

Assad essentially told Burns that he had no idea what the American was talking about.

The question naturally becomes what will the US do to advance the desire to stop this nonsense. Will this be enough to push the Obama administration to do the right thing by Israel?

Israel’s biggest advantage in this matter is that the rose colored glasses that many on the left in general and the administration in particular wear concerning Israel’s foes tend to break in actual contact with the reality of their intransigence.

To wit:

Freelance journalist Paul Martin has been held in Gaza since Feb. 14, the first foreigner to be arrested since Hamas seized control of the territory in 2007. Martin’s case is being closely watched by international organizations with staff in Gaza as a gauge of how the Hamas government will deal with foreigners.

As Meryl Yourish says:

If the Israelis were holding him, there’d be daily headlines

Too true.

Nancy Pelosi is telling democrats in tough races that they should be willing to give up their seats to pass the healthcare bill.

Ok Madame Speaker, since you are so adamant about this issue I have a suggestion:


Resign today!

Show your fellow democrats that power doesn’t mean anything to you. Show that you are so committed to this bill and all the good it will do. Show them that you will give up your safe seat in the house in order to inspire others to risk theirs.

Forgetting the political advantage, this will give you time to actually enjoy life outside of Washington while you are still young enough to do so. Spend time with your children and grandchildren, it’s the greatest pleasure in life. You might even take the time to get yourself right with the church again.

Your seat is safely democratic so you are sure to see it kept by the party, maybe you should get the other chairmen in safe seats to follow you as an example.

The world is waiting on you Nancy, do you have the guts to give up what you are asking your fellows to risk? What will the order be?

Go! or Follow?

Update: Another reason for Nancy to resign. She gave my friend Adrienne a headache yesterday.

Short answer…

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No. They don’t vet candidates, they decide who they support and then act as opposition research.

If the media acted differently then the public would still trust them, Fox would not be leading and they would not be dying.

We are making progress however. There was a time when this politico article that this post is based on would never even be written.