Did I read that right?

Posted: March 1, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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The US actually raising the issue of Hezbollah with Syria?

The U.S. administration has asked Syrian President Bashar Assad to immediately stop transferring arms to Hezbollah. American officials made the request during a meeting Friday with the Syrian ambassador to Washington.

Of course Syria being Syria they meeting was an exercise in Who moi?

Haaretz has learned that Burns’ visit to Damascus ended unsatisfactorily for the U.S. administration. During Burns’ meeting with Assad, the Syrian leader denied all American claims that his regime was providing military aid to terrorists in Iraq, or to Hezbollah and Palestinian terror groups.

Assad essentially told Burns that he had no idea what the American was talking about.

The question naturally becomes what will the US do to advance the desire to stop this nonsense. Will this be enough to push the Obama administration to do the right thing by Israel?

Israel’s biggest advantage in this matter is that the rose colored glasses that many on the left in general and the administration in particular wear concerning Israel’s foes tend to break in actual contact with the reality of their intransigence.

To wit:

Freelance journalist Paul Martin has been held in Gaza since Feb. 14, the first foreigner to be arrested since Hamas seized control of the territory in 2007. Martin’s case is being closely watched by international organizations with staff in Gaza as a gauge of how the Hamas government will deal with foreigners.

As Meryl Yourish says:

If the Israelis were holding him, there’d be daily headlines

Too true.

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