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Posted: March 1, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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I certainly have no objection to Rule 5 and the ladies therein. I rarely participate in it myself but I certainly don’t have a problem with anyone having fun with it, nor do I object to it as a source of hits to the blog who join in, but Smitty today mentioned something that is worth bringing up…

When talking about the direction that rule 5 has gone he mentioned something: The simple appreciation of loveliness.

To that end let me direct you to this photo:

Non-Random CPAC photo of the day

You will not that the lady therein is not wearing anything revealing, her hair is not made up, her clothing is not designer and her hat is not a fedora (ok that last part isn’t really important).

But let me tell you something, this is a good face, this is a lovely face, it is what I call a 20/40 year face, it is the type of face that is going to age very well. I’ll wager that 20 years ago that face was just as cute as it is now or cuter and in 20 more years it will still be a pleasure to look at.

Because of our culture this type of face and woman is under appreciated. That is a shame. Any man worth his salt would be proud to stand next to a woman with a face like that. I haven’t met the gentleman who wakes up next to this face, but he is a lucky man.

So per Smitty statement let me suggest that although it might not be considered a rule 5 post. I think given the choice I’d rather be sitting next to this person than any of the rule 5 choices offered today.

Oh and if you are wondering why I didn’t use a picture of my wife for this post although she fits the 20/40 rule it to a T: She hates compliments of that nature from me, especially when made publicly. (But feel free to check out this link to see what I mean.)

Update: No reason to blush, as they said in the old TV show The Guns of Will Sonnett: “No Brag Just fact.”

Update 2: Camp of the saints launches an all out NSFW offensive. Impressive, but my statement still stands.

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  2. Cousin Sam says:

    I think far more of us men than is commonly acknowledged realize quite clearly the difference between a Beauty and a Bimbo and appreciate that difference (particularly as we gain the wisdom that, hopefully, comes with a few extra years). It is our “Pop Culture” that lacks that understanding, and unfortunately floods us with that messed-up message 24/7, and so I thank you for bringing us both Truth and Beauty on this fine rule 5 Sunday!

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  4. Cindy says:

    Well, thanks! We normal women who don’t spend 14 hours a day working on looking beautiful appreciate that.

  5. What a sweet post! Little Miss Attila is incredibly lovely (and smart).

    Our culture does set up a no-win situation for women. Those who are “hot” spent part of their lives getting attention solely for the way they look, part of their lives watching those looks slip away, and a lot of their lives lamenting the inevitable loss of those looks. The rest of us just don’t feel particularly great about ourselves most of the time. Who really benefits from all this is beyond me.

  6. Cousin Sam says:

    Well, Roxanne, since you asked (who really benefits from all this):

    For the USA alone-
    $20 billion is spent annually on cosmetics
    $300 million on cosmetic surgery
    $33 billion on dietary products
    $9.6 billion spent on self-help books and programs

    I could go on, that’s off the top of my head, but you get the idea.

    Don’t you feel better knowing how much you are helping the economy? All those jobs created (or saved)!

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  8. Thank you, Da TechGuy.

    Good point, Cousin Sam. In the animal world, it’s the males, not the females, that expend energy and time in attracting mates. The males are the ones with the big tails, the antlers, or the blue feet and their little blue-footed dances. Females are just supposed to look healthy. Not that I would wish upon men (or anyone) what women often feel with regards to their looks, but it would be nice if we could move a bit in the direction of appreciating women as they are.

  9. Cousin Sam says:

    Ironically, Roxanne, many of the features that our pop-culture expects of women are based on that “healthy” look that mean are biologically programmed to seek out, only those features have been exaggerated and distorted out of any sane proportion to reality. Like everything else, Pop Culture can do nothing in moderation, and the result is either fake and artificial or taken to a dangerous extreme. For example, seeking a healthy weight instead becomes an expectation of 0% body fat and anorexia.
    I have several close (platonic) female friends who I have known for nearly 20 years, all highly intelligent, with advanced technical degrees, successful careers, family, etc. and in my opinion physical beauty as well, who all nevertheless have felt it necessary to undergo cosmetic surgery, despite my strong and repeated protests that it was both unnecessary and patently ridiculous. They just thought they weren’t good enough, I suppose. Clearly my objection was not sufficient to overcome the message of an entire society – I suspect they still think they’re not quite good enough.
    I would, however, object to your implication that among us humans the men don’t have to “expend energy and time in attracting mates”. It’s just less physical-appearance-based than for human women or male peacocks, but believe me, we expend a LOT of energy and a LOT of time, solely in the pursuit of attracting mates! (And in many cases, the standards by which Pop Culture deems women should judge us are just as superficial, just not with regard to body-image :) )

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