Just about cleaned out

Posted: February 28, 2010 by datechguy in personal
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Here is what we were able to save from the Cellar:

And here is what we couldn’t save

That’s life I guess, but I can’t say enough about my Son’s friends who spent hours helping us out to clean this stuff out. My wife has allergies and the mold on that stuff would have knocked her flat.

The idea that you could get 5-6 teenagers to give us a Friday night and Saturday to help us clean out the cellar is simply amazing. If that’s not a blessing I’d like to know what is.

Update: Would you believe another one just showed up asking if we need anything? I guess all those dinners I cooked for them really made an impression.

  1. Adrienne says:

    Peter – I’m going to be blunt. All that carp needed to go away. I am the master de-clutterer. All that stuff weighs us down. God was sending you a message.

  2. Oh dear. Very sorry for all of your troubles – and it must be rough to have so many things destroyed. :( (Not detracting from Adrienne; I just leave the tough love to other people, most of the time.)

    Now, as for the kids who came over to help you: it’s either because they adore you and your wife or because you raised great sons whom they would walk through walls for, or both. As one of my friends astutely points out, if you can get teenagers to like you (really like you), you’re doing something right.