Answer: Because The Rosary allows you up meet up to 30 prayer intentions via one session

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Q: Why for my money is the Rosary the best prayer out there bar none?

If you are a New Englander you might remember that old beer commercial jingle: “Schaefer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one” In much the same way the Holy Rosary is an Excellent Prayer when you have multiple prayer intentions of varying importance that you want to pray for.

You can Offer the full rosary for an intention, you can offer an individual set of mysteries for a different intention and you can offer a single decade for an intention. You can offer the “Hail Holy Queen” at the end of a set of mysteries for yet another intention and if you pray it they way I do, you can even offer closing prayers (I go backwards back to the cross) for a particular intention. (I always offer the closing prayers for the Holy Father and his prayer intentions).

Even if you are offering just a single set of Mysteries that still allows for 9 different intentions (10 if you offer one for the opening prayers, I never do, I keep them as simple prayers of praise). That’s a lot of people you can handle on a single type of prayer.

Just to diagram it out Here is an Example of a Full rosary with prayer intentions

FULL Rosary
—Offered for (Usually the biggest single intention wife, family, crisis, someone in need of serious prayer)

Opening prayers (Creed-Our Father-3 Hail Mary’s 1 glory Be)—I usually leave them as prayers of praise without an offering but you don’t have to.

Joyful Mysteries
—The set of 5 decades can be offered for a particular person or intention. Since I take my duties as Spiritual adviser seriously they are regularly offered for Little Miss Attila.

1. The Annunciation : Good prayer to offer for a person who is pregnant or having a difficult pregnancy.

2. The Visitation: It’s about visiting, good for neighbors or relatives that you might visit or who are traveling

3. The Nativity: Excellent choice for new parents, a new child or for people considering abortion.

4. The Presentation: Good choice for College students away (the theme of purity) or teenagers

5. Finding Jesus in the temple: Excellent choice for a teacher or an educator, also good when praying for a missing child

–Hail Holy Queen: As a member of the Knights of Columbus I always offer the for my individual lodge

Mysteries of Light: Good choice for someone facing some sort of calumny, or someone who needs a change in life or is facing such a change.

6. Baptism of Christ: Another good choice for newborn kids or people having trouble with their faith (baptismal vows and all)

7. Miracle at Cana: Excellent Choice for a person with issues in their marriage, or for marriage in general

8. Proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven: This is one of my fixed intentions. I always offer it for priests and religious.

9. The Transfiguration: Another fixed intention for me, I always offer it for vocations

10. The Last Supper: Another good sacramental choices, An individual church is good here or for a person who you wish to introduce faith to is a good choice.

–Hail Holy Queen—I offer it for the K of C state counsel

Sorrowful Mysteries
: This is a good place for something tragic, Right now it is reserved for Angie the Anti-Theist who is blogging her abortion.

11. The Agony in the garden: This one is pretty good if you are struggling with an individual sin, so you might want to pray this for yourself.

12. The Scourging at the pillar: Another good one for a personal addiction but it also is a great choice to pray for some with addictions or a personal obsession that they can’t get over.

13. The Crowning with Thorns: I reserve this for the sitting president. St Louis De Montfort would pray for “contempt for the world” on this decade, a president should have “contempt” in the sense that his decisions should be based on what is right. If you don’t want to pray for the president then any political figure would be a good choice here.

14. The Carrying of the Cross: This is an easy one, we all know people with individual problems that are burdening them.

15. The Crucifixion: Good choice for the dead, souls in purgatory or people facing war and agony.

—Hail Holy Queen—International counsel of K of C (this is a good place for a prayer for any fraternal group)

The Glorious Mysteries: Good choice for prayers of thanksgiving

16. The Resurrection: Excellent choice for the sick

17. The Ascension: Great choice for the dying or for someone in a nursing home.

18. The Pentecost: Good choice for spiritual guidance, or to offer spiritual guidance for someone.

19. The Assumption: I reserve this for my mother and Aunt and the souls of my mother in law and grandparents. Pray this one for you mother.

20. The Coronation: Excellent choice for someone about to receive an honor of some type.

—Hail holy queen—US K of C for me but put what you want here.

Closing prayers:

Glory be, 3 hail Marys, the Our Father, the Creed —I always offer them for the Pope and his prayer intentions of the month.

So there you have it a total of 31! different prayer intentions built into a full Rosary. So take advantage of this excellent prayer of praise that traces the life and death of Christ. It is a Gospel in an hour!

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