DaTechguy’s field guide to CPAC Bloggers: A Conservative Lesbian

Posted: February 24, 2010 by datechguy in special events
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One of the brightest spots of CPAC was the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Yockey .

Cynthia has been known to be very passionate about the things she believes in but I found her just so nice that words can’t easily describe it. She also gave me some excellent advice that prodded me in a direction I needed to go for health reasons, so I am in her debt.

Where do you find people like this? Apparently you find them at CPAC.

  1. Val Prieto says:

    Cynthia is, in a nutshell, awesome.

  2. […] was wonderful as not only did Michelle Malkin film a greeting to my older brother but I got to meet Cynthia Yockey, Mary Katherine Ham and Captain Ed’s wife who is one of the most delightful people there […]

  3. I’m up to something…

    It’s been tough, blog-wise, for the last month. The first two weeks of February I spent coping with two blizzards and two snow storms — it was painful and exhausting. Then I went to CPAC, which was WONDERFUL, but I got very sleep-deprived. …