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Posted: February 23, 2010 by datechguy in catholic, special events
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I’m often told by people who don’t believe that we religious types take things that are coincidences and turn them into something more. In my opinion they are actually missing the little miracles that happen every day.

I had several of them at CPAC and in it’s preparation.

ITEM: Day I left for CPAC was Ash Wednesday, I accidentally missed mass near my house (got the time wrong) and had to drive across town. Managed to show up just in time to get Mass and ashes, since I was shy confession I didn’t receive but the priest was kind enough after mass to hear confession and then allow me to receive communion. Being armed with that much grace turned out to be very important when I needed some oomph to get through a long 42 hour stretch of sleeplessness and the dangers therein.

ITEM: Couldn’t find my Knights of Columbus Rosary looked everywhere for it and was very annoyed, The wife found a beautiful spare Rosary but I was still annoyed as I took it. Pam Geller noted (and I came off snarky since I was still annoyed that it wasn’t what I was looking for) yet after I ran into Simon Deng and got a personal interview I discovered to my delight that he was Catholic. Since the Rosary was not my official one I could give it to him. Less than one hour after I got home, the missing beads turned up in my coat pocket that I’m sure I checked over and over again.

ITEM: You might not know it but I have had a very hard time with Brown Scapulars. Mine keep breaking and wearing and have been a real pain. I haven’t been able to find them locally until last week where I found a little shop that carries them. Seeing how I burn through them I bought 4. Managed to get the one I was wearing blessed and wore it to CPAC and lo and behold discovered a Catholic there who had a great need for it.

One of the weakest parts of my faith has been my prayer life, this has been a constant problem for me, however through a chance meeting re-kindled said prayer life and It’s been roaring forward ever since.

ITEM: As you might know I’ve been involved in the fight against Planned Parenthood in Fitchburg. As you might also be aware I only managed to get the funds I needed to attend just in time to book my travel On my trip I encountered people from the American Life League Americans united for life who might be able to help.

ITEM: On Friday a blogger friend was in a panic as a vital computer component seemed to have vanished. I took the moment to pray to St. Anthony who is the patron of lost items. Within a few minutes the item was found and the panic ended.

Item: I don’t even remember how it came up but a particular blogger managed to confirm something my wife has been telling me, (and I’ve been ignoring) that has serious potential danger that I’ve pooh poohed. Because of this confirmation I am on my way to take action that I had not bothered with as before.

And all this happens while still enjoying CPAC and managing to do some decent blogging.

Now many might see these as tiny blessings, but life is full of tiny things that turn into great things. All of these blessings will be passed on with interest.

Update: Yes I mixed up my pro life organizations what an idiot I am, but as I correct it I want to give a HUGE shout out to Jeff Quinton who treated our situation in Fitchburg like the crisis it is. I am in his debt and it will not be forgotten!

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