The Secret Service for the common man

Posted: February 22, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news

I remember going to the Sarah Palin Rally in NH during the presidential campaign with my son. One of the things that struck me was the secret service.

They stood there calm and quiet watching everything and reacting. Very little if anything missed them and I was very impressed.

When I was done I asked if I could shake their hand (after all my tax money pays them) I got a fist bump instead as handshakes were not looked upon as safe.

I am typing this at the airport getting ready to fly home. (note: I didn’t even boot up my laptop from the trip until this morning, my posts last night were from the wife’s computer) There are a lot of people traveling, every single one of us has been through the line, laptop bags open, shoes off pockets emptied, when you are in a hurry it can be a pain, People have rightly complained that a better profile method would make more sense, but all are forgetting something…

Each one of those people by their very presence is making a deal with you the traveler. They are promising that they will do this repetitive and mundane task without treating it lightly. They promise that while they are there, that person will NOT get by with that bomb, They realize that if God forbid they DO find someone who is ready to detonate, they are going to be taking that blast and perhaps dying that day.

The secret service does this for the president every day. These men and women do this for the great and the lowly in the exact same way.

How do you repay someone willing to “take a bullet” for you who never even met you?

  1. Adrienne says:

    Because they oversee the Treasury Dept., I spent six years in close contact with Secret Service when I had my little “problem” with the Social Security Admin. Trust me – they have little respect for how most of the government is run and they still do a superb job. I have great respect for them!