How DARE you sir!

Posted: February 21, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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Mr Huckabee, I’m sure you are a very nice man in person and I’m sure you treat your family very well, I could certainly use weight loss tips from you, and I suspect I might like you if I met you…

but how DARE you sir!

Thanks to the generosity of the readers I had the privilege to meet hundreds of the finest people I’ve ever met. People who have spent their money and their time to get involved to change their country for the better. Some who have done this for years, many others who have done this for the first time.

I’m a big boy (and those who met me know that is truer than it should be) feel free to call me “outdated, nearly corrupt”, I can forgive that, hell I might even deserve it.

But you are now talking about friends of mine, fine gentlemen and ladies who have treated me much better than I’ll ever deserve. Some of who will be long remembered when you and I are dust.

You sir are a cad!  You owe these people an apology!

And now I’m blogging angry which nobody should ever do and you’ve got me awake when I desperately need to sleep so I’m going to stick this to the top of my blog and it’s going to stay there for the rest of the month or until I hear you apologize for this remark. In fact I would be most obliged if you contacted my friend the Lonely Conservative and her fine husband and did so personally.

Until such a time the only word that I will be able to associate with you will be:


And oh Lonely conservative please inform me if and when Mr. Huckabee does so personally to you, I would be much obliged.

Update: Yid with Lid elaborates with a much more even temper than I showed.

Update 2: Stacy is a bit more emotive

Update 3: Yes I do link to this post every time I talk about Huckabee and will continue to do so until he apologizes to my friends, via the Lonely Conservative. I will continue to associate the word “Dishonorable” with him until that time, when he does I give my word that I will stop.

  1. Are you commenting angry at the articles title or the clip of Huckabee on Geraldo?
    I didn’t hear anything in the clip that ‘ripped’ CPAC, the teaparty conservatives, or anything that could be even contrived as being offensive to anyone or anything.

    I think in this case in particular, why not add this clip from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  2. Frivolous things first: Mike Huckabee has always struck me as a right-leaning version of (dare I say it?) Barack Obama. He has very strong statist instincts that seem to be both an anathema to limited government and unproductive. So his anti-libertarian rant is not much more than I expected of him.

    By the way, I know you’ve attended Tea Parties, but I have to work on getting you involved. We’re (i.e. the Greater Boston Tea Party) doing monthly meet-ups in convenient locations, and I don’t think we have a group out in your area. Once you settle in and my life calms down, if you’re interested, we can collaborate on this.

    Less than frivolous things: having met you, I’ll dispute the “treated [you] much better than [you’ll] ever deserve” description. Humility is a virtue, so I won’t dispute your desire to say that nor to feel that way, but that doesn’t mean that I have to go along with it. :p Please add yourself to the list of people who really do not deserve to be slammed by Mike Huckabee.

    Where is the corruption? the bygone ways? the lack of insight into what makes America great? I’ve never been to CPAC, but am well aware that the ideas espoused there go down to the people through Fox News and laterally to millions of other Americans through people like you who were there.

  3. I didn’t watch the video either. I read the Politico article when I was tired and it ticked me off. And no, I haven’t heard anything from Mr. Huckabee!

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  5. DavidL says:

    The attendees at CPAC were conservative. The organizers may, or may not be conservtive. Mike Huckabee is a big govenrment, tax loving liberal, who happens to be pro-life.

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  7. Jeff Dunetz says:

    I showed more temper than you because I have less class than you. It was great meeting you

  8. I don’t think an apology is forthcoming.

  9. BA says:

    At the D*****B** Convention last year, Huckabee seemed perfectly reasonable.

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