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Hey Peter where are the big events?

Posted: February 20, 2010 by datechguy in special events
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We give you money and send you down there and what do we get? We get (with some exceptions) a bunch of regular joes that we could meet in our own home towns.

Well that’s true, I’ll grant you that but consider….

Everything else you can catch on C-SPAN, it’s not like it isn’t around. The story here is the grass roots, you know those folks that our friends on the left think are a bunch of raciest/bigot/sexist/homophobes/with nasty pointy teeth, they are regular people with regular opinions and they won’t be intimidated into silence anymore by a left that has more fear of the people here than the people trying to slaughter us.

I think the little films put the lie to it, but I’ll let the media figure it out on their own.

Is it different than anyone or everyone else? Maybe but with nearly 100 credentialed bloggers here I’ve got to do something to stand out.

Cripes they’ll give those things to ANYBODY!

But her daughter does not!