CPAC Short Interviews: DaTechGuy Wins the Reagan Award!

Posted: February 20, 2010 by datechguy in special events
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Cripes they’ll give those things to ANYBODY!

  1. It is nice to see the CPAC recognize the ‘REAL’ middle class regular Americans who attended the corporately funded, grassroots rallies.

    On the other hand, Americans show up to these events enraged at government, after being riled up by fabricated conspiracy theories about government that are orchestrated by corporately funded PR firms who create the illusion of a grassroots movement in order to line the pockets for themselves and of their own corporate interests.

    So congratulations are really in order for Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity, Koch Industries, Fox News, and the rest. They just couldn’t say that out loud.

  2. Congratulations, Peter! :)

    It is nice to see the CPAC recognize the ‘REAL’ middle class regular Americans who attended the corporately funded, grassroots rallies.

    SableTopBaseball: I’m not sure which rallies you think were funded by corporations and the like, but the Tea Party rallies that I’ve helped to organise over the past year were funded by a bunch of broke people who met each other over the internet The grand source of funding for the rallies in Boston were a stay-at-home mom who purchased insurance for the event, a gentleman who purchased three bullhorns, and a few people who chipped in for postcards, flyers, etc. Advertising was free through Facebook and a wordpress site. In fact, the only Tea Party rally in MA that was funded, that I know about, was in October of 2009 and was funded by a private individual, who gave the group several hundred dollars.

    Corporate funding it is not.

    What I did see in corporate funding, though, was the Health Care town hall in New Hampshire. I mean, they were bringing people in by the busloads (literally), giving them all T-shirts to wear, and handing out professionally printed signs. Let me tell you, those union members for health care had a LOT more corporate funding than the pro-liberty protestors they squared off against.

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