CPAC Interviews: Stacy Me and Patricia Sullivan

Posted: February 20, 2010 by datechguy in elections, special events
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And this is going to prove rather prophetic:

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  2. Richard Riker says:

    Here’s a candidate that has some straight talk and comments. Nothing contrived or disingenuous. Through her strength of character she will be the next Representative from the 8th Congressional district of Florida.
    If you haven’t heard of her before go to her web site for more in depth information;

  3. Gail Marie Florida says:

    Patricia Sullivan is a true Patriot and she will be helping to take this Country Back,, That is very true.. She is just one of many real American Patriots who are in it for NOTHING but our Constitutional Freedoms… You like Freedom? Take notice of the Change coming in 2010!! MORE PATRIOTS NOT POLITITIONS Thats the true American way.

  4. Marie Dubois says:

    Patricia is just what we need to represent Central Florida in congress. She is a true Patriot believing in small Constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, free market capitslism and a strong national defence. She is a concerned Mom and citizen working towardstaking our country back to its origional intent.Check her out at

  5. PatriotDee says:

    Patricia Sullivan will bring dignity back to the people of Florida’s 8th district when she replaces the embarrassment we now have in Washington. Unlike Grayson, Patricia will actually listen to the people and represent them. She will fight for smaller government, advance free market solutions for solving problems, insist on governance based on the Constitution, and rein in out of control spending. She will be a breath of fresh air in Washington.

  6. Carol Jellison says:

    I am impressed with Mrs. Sullivan’s forthright manner. She is real. She is a patriot. She is honest. She really cares. Visit her website at

  7. Beth407 says:

    Patricia Sullivan is the one that Central Florida needs. We are not looking for the career politician, the attorney, the millionaire or the one that just wants to get into politics to gain the big name. We want the one upset about what our government is doing to our future and our childerns future. We want one that is willing to listen to the people and vote and speak out for the people, not the special interest. She is a True Grassroots Conservative! Patricia helped start the North Lake Tea Party and has always been about educating the people. This is what she does, there is always something new to learn about our country when you are around her and the rallies or meetings. Her logo, Patriot Not Politician. She knows how to balance a budget, educate, speak out and she knows the constitution and she has common sense. This is what she will bring to Washington. Bye, Bye Grayson and Hello Patricia Sullivan. Check her out, website: and Facebook: Patricia Sullivan For Congress Fl-8

  8. Jane Yeackle says:

    Patricia is an intelligent young lady who is concerned about the future for her children and our country. She is passionate about the changes that need to be made to redirect us to becoming once more the country our forefathers envisioned. Her leadership and wisdom would serve Florida well. Learn more about her at

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  10. susanr says:

    Patricia Sullivan comes across as a trustworthy down to earth person who is a part of her community and understands the needs of the 8th District and that is exactly who she is. No fancy or bombastic language that means nothing. She is a true patriot and will be the next Representative from the 8th District.