For the 2nd time at CPAC

Posted: February 19, 2010 by datechguy in special events, tech
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I’ve been drafted for some tech support but that’s what being DaTechGuy is all about.

I suspect this issue is a youtube issue but I was able to provide a work around, but I’ll keep tinkering.

  1. Ths is in the wrong space to post but if you happen to see any Senators while at C-Pac could you ask them ‘on behalf of the americans who have now exhausted their unemployment benefits & exhausted the federal extension, who have been out of work since June 2008, who have been actively searching for jobs, actively interviewing, but still not getting hired, and at the same time bills add up, and savings are depeleted, and families are destoyed, what are they going to do for these Americans? Will they vote yes to a bill that includes another federal extension?