Do you want to be humbled and awed in a hurry?…

Posted: February 19, 2010 by datechguy in special events
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…interview a gold star mother:

There is nothing that I will remember longer from this conference that this one minute of my life. My son is the same age as her’s was when he died.

  1. […] who are attending.  Do go over to his site and check ‘em all out [including this one where he interviews a Gold Star Mother].  Also, check out his meeting with a man who many of us owe our very existence to.  FYI: DTG, […]

  2. […] By the time her machine was where I wanted it to be I discovered I missed Scott Brown. So I went back to shooting short films and taking a look around. One thing you find out right away is there is simply too much to see so I decided to concentrate on the short interviews and make plans to attend particular events. It was so weird to simply walk by and see so many people you read about or see on the news from Dick Armey (who thought I was trying to ambush him) to Doug Hoffman and many others. I also discovered that I had bad timing when it came to big names in the bloggers room, but to me the story of CPAC wasn’t there. […]