Robert Stacy Finally has credentials

Posted: February 18, 2010 by datechguy in special events

The ultimate irony, Smitty had credentials, Barbara had credentials, mine were found after a bit but Stacy’s could not be found. That proves 2 things…

#1 Carry Cannoli,

and you will get credentials

#2 Wear your fedora.

NEVER forget the Fedora!

Smitty, Barbara and myself all turned up at the table in the Fedoras. We got in. Stacy left his in the room, he was kept out. When he went back and got the fedora, THEN he got in!

Oh listening to Rubio’s speech, it’s VERY good. Rounds of applause from the Bloggers area led by Robert Stacy in Fedora.

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  2. Might I make a suggestion? In order to facilitate Da Tech Guy’s continuing presence at CPAC and other such venues of importance, might he SELL fedoras in support of this? We already have proof positive that the fedora works magic- His Awesomeness got into CPAC only after he returned to his room and retrieved his fedora. (Grnated, it could be the presence of cannoli, but I suspect they were merely the sweetener on the deal) Fedoras signed by such luminaries as Smitty, DTG, and His Awesomeness would result in such largesse that this economy would right itself immediately.

  3. As long as mine is hot pink ( you will have to remember the gentler sex when your line debuts), and signed by all 3 of you, I will die a happy woman!!!- just don’t tell my husband!

  4. bobbelvedere says:

    That’s a great idea.

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