Marco Rubio, the Annie DiMartino of 2010

Posted: February 18, 2010 by datechguy in special events
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When I listened to Marco Rubio’s love letter to America and his parents of a speech all I could think of was Annie DiMartino, back during the Brown campaign she said this:

(the snow would fit in very good here in Washington today). If you listen to Marco Rubio’s speech and compare the two you will notice something amazing.

His speech is one that Annie could have made, it is a speech that my parents could have made, and it struck me that if they were Marco’s age instead of in their 70’s they would be conservatives today! In fact some have already abandoned the democratic ship that has abandoned them.

Update: take a look at this excerpt via Hotline:

“I was not born to a wealthy or connected family. And yet, I have never felt or been limited by the circumstances of my birth. I have never once felt like there was something that was not possible for me because of who my parents were, or where they came from. But why is it that I have been able to accomplish many of my dreams, but my grandfather’s dreams never had a chance? The answer is simple. Because I am privileged. The simple privilege of being a citizen of the greatest society in all of human history. There has never been a nation like the United States.”

Pure Annie.

Updated: Added Rubio’s speech

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