The Data is the Data is the Data

Posted: February 17, 2010 by datechguy in oddities
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It’s true for global warming and it’s true for Veggies from Walmart:

On to the details: Kummer buys two batches of nearly identical groceries at Wal-Mart and Whole Foods. He has them prepared in a restaurant kitchen and invites taste testers to make a blind side-by-side comparison. The Whole Food grocery set cost $50 more, $20 of which is spent on top of the line chicken breasts (Wal-Mart didn’t really offer equivalently high-end meat.)

The taste testers preferred the Wal-Mart veggies overwhelmingly, with complaints about the meat and dairy. “The tasters were surprised,” he writes, “when the results were unblinded at the end of the meal and they learned that in a number of instances they had adamantly preferred Walmart produce. And they weren’t entirely happy.”

As I’ve said before you have to go where the data takes you, like it or not.

Via Glenn who knows all and reads all.

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