I’m sorry to say that if you saw the city counsel meeting two weeks ago…

Posted: February 17, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, local stuff, opinion/news
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…then you didn’t miss anything tonight. The resolution disapproving planned parenthood lost 7-4 and the two zoning resolutions lost 10-1.

I also had the distinct displeasure listening to counselor Tom Conry give us the “personally opposed” nonsense. Give me the honest disagreement of a Reclusive Leftist or a Chris Lackey over that any day.

Once again the mayor did not attend, once again the city solicitor cowed the counsel, once again Rosemary Reynolds stood alone.

Kudos for counselor Jody Joseph for going on camera for an interview before the vote (although he voted against us). UPDATE interview added:

My internet is iffy for some reason tonight so I’ll have to do more later.

Update: Rosemary Reynolds also talked before the vote:

No other counselor, nor the city solicitor would talk on camera before the vote.