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I was in the middle of writing another post when I heard Joe talk about the super-majorities and the nonsense of complaining about republicans. When the subject of republicans came up the words “Sarah Palin” came out of someone’s mouth and the first words that came in the background was “wrote on her hand.”

Not a word about the speech, how it was received, her popularity at Daytona, she wrote on her hand that’s all that matters.

but that wasn’t the amazing thing. Mika then went after Scott Brown saying the voters of Massachusetts don’t know him, he doesn’t stand for anything and voted for nothing. You ignorant Massachusetts rednecks!

I like Mika but I don’t remember seeing her anywhere that I went.

and that Kennedy seat nonsense from her? Maybe I should call her Mika Coakley.

If democrats want to know why they aren’t taken seriously, this is why. Contempt for the people.

Looks like a big fish has been landed:

The Taliban’s top military commander was captured several days ago in Karachi, Pakistan, in a secret joint operation by Pakistani and American intelligence forces, according to American government officials.

The administration is allowed to take credit here and we should not hesitate to approve when they either do something right or get out of the way to let our agencies do it. The war is an American problem not a republican or democratic problem.

Then again when the first words out of the mouth of some is this:

Apparently Baradar has been in custody since last week and is being interrogated by both the Paks and us. (This is why the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group exists.) The ultimate point of fighting the Taliban is to compel them to give up fighting and accept some version of a post-Taliban order in Afghanistan. Torturing Baradar — which the Pakistanis have been known to do — is counterproductive to that effort. If we treat the guy respectfully, in a demonstrated way, it might spur a reconsideration of Taliban goals. I am not counting any chickens, but any hope of a game-changing possibility will be foreclosed upon if we or our allies torture Baradar. Let’s be smart — and true to Obama’s stated principles/executive order. If there was any doubt whatsoever, the Abdulmutallab case proved we don’t need to torture to get good intelligence. emphasis mine

What is he a baby seal? Shall we just make up signs that say “Save the Terrorists?” When the very first words out of some people’s mouths are this nonsense you wonder what world they live in.

Some people just shouldn’t be taken seriously.

I’ve never seen a party so weak

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…that they can’t lead or govern with a a 60% or a 59% majority and complain that they were unable to get things done.

I’m watching Bayh on Morning Joe and I just have to laugh. The unwillingness to govern or to take responsibility for actually leading. You are complaining about partisan obstruction with a 18 seat senate majority that was 20 not 2 months ago? You expect us to believe it? How stupid do you think the people are?

Is it the money? Is it the prestige? Is it the power and/or patronage? Is it the best job they will ever have? Why are these people so afraid of governing? Every single person there asked for the job they have, they begged for it.

Are these people weak? Consider, there are thousands of people in their districts and states that would love their jobs. They were strong enough to get them. It would seem unlikely that they are so weak if they are able to beat back the people who want those seats.

If you KNOW that a law or a series of proposals are bad for the country or bad for your district and you are just going along because a white house tell you to, because a leadership tells you to, then why bother being there?

The same people who went along with the president because he seemed unstoppable 12 months ago are the same people running for the hills today. This suggests that people either don’t have the courage of their beliefs or simply have no beliefs other than getting re-elected and/or “retiring” to a high paying job from government.

That being the case their departure is the best thing they can do to actually serve their country.

…in case you are wondering how they come about here is what I do:

I show up at the protest with my wife’s camera.

I ask people if they are willing to talk.

If they say “yes” film them asking whatever questions come to my head.

I upload them to my son’s youtube account and post then.

That’s it, no editing, no setup questions etc, it’s my opinion that people speaking their mind is much more interesting than canned answers. I learn more in one minute talking to any of the people I posted than in asking Governor Romney direct questions.